DevOps report shows success factors behind creating high-performing organizations

Posted on September 18, 2018

HILVERSUM, THE NETHERLANDS - September 18, 2018.

DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) just published the long awaited “Accelerate State of DevOps Report 2018”. This report is the result of five years of research — with over 30,000 data points — to understand high performance in the context of software development, and the factors that predict it.

The key findings include:

Software delivery performance is a main differentiating aspect when it comes to pursue competitive advantages like increased profitability, productivity, market share, customer service, and ability to achieve organization or mission goals.

High performance can be enhanced by the use of Cloud technology, while this goes beyond the mere implementation of Cloud infrastructure.

While outsourcing might reduce costs in the short term, there is evidence that it is likely to contribute to low performance.

Nicole Forsgren, co-author of the report, will deliver the keynote at the DevOps Summit Amsterdam on November 8th, 2018, a conference bringing together DevOps enthusiasts, deciders and practitioners to share knowledge and experiences. The summit is organized by Xebia’s DevOps practice.

Andrew de la Haije, CEO of Xebia Consulting Services: "This great report delivers a sound empirical and scientific foundation of our consultancy field-work. Nicole’s research confirms what we encounter at our clients on a daily basis: DevOps is more than building a pipeline or going to the Cloud, it implies a fundamental change in an organization’s culture and way of working.”