Rapid Value Creation for Private Equity Firms

In a future where technology amplifies potential, we are here to help you harness the digital revolution.

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Xebia's 360° Investment Framework

Value acceleration within the entire investment lifecycle.

In the dynamic world of Private Equity, the speed of value creation is a critical differentiator. At Xebia, we understand that every moment counts from due diligence to exit. Our streamlined approach is designed to enhance the time to value for each investment, ensuring that strategic initiatives begin delivering returns swiftly.

Our expertise spans the entire investment lifecycle. We identify and implement efficiencies that drive swift value creation by integrating due diligence, continuous optimization, and a clear exit strategy. This maximizes investment potential and positions portfolio companies for future success.

Successfully helping PE-backed software companies to grow

We literally changed the engine while still flying our aircraft and re-engineered our product architecture to facilitate SaaS deployment. We enhanced our functionality and transitioned our solutions into a unified product suite. All of the above was made possible only because of the additional capacity, capability, and expertise provided by Xebia.”

Paul van Dongen Co-Founder & CTO
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Value Creation for Portfolio Companies

Xebia's expertise ramps up the growth process for portfolio companies across three segments.
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Success Story

Advanced: Lift & Shift Migration Makes IT More Cost-Effective for Software Provider

A dynamic business software and services provider migrated its Marketplace software to a bespoke cloud solution, resulting in a cheaper and more efficient IT infrastructure.

“We have worked with Xebia for several years across many technically-challenging projects and they always deliver. I highly recommend working with their vast number of experts across all services and disciplines.”

Liam Mitchell Head of Cloud Enablement

Xebia Private Equity Leadership

Wim Heijting
Strategic Advisor
Kiran Madhunapantula
Head Product Engineering