Xebia’s Quality Consultants launch new label Qxperts

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Take control of your delivery process and produce reliable and high-quality software.

Organizations have an increasing need to control their software development. Complexity has skyrocketed due to the growing number of both technologies used and teams involved. We have found that it's precisely this complexity that hinders the ability to deliver the desired value. With a push on feature releases, organizations often don't take (or have) the time to optimize their way of working. Qxperts offers a comprehensive solution to improve the quality of your software delivery process.

"It is our ambition to empower organizations to develop software in a way that adds value to the business. What sets us apart is the insight we provide through our unique audit approach. We enable controlled and predictable delivery by helping our customers embed a quality culture and use technology properly." - Reinier Verschure, CEO at Qxperts.

A multi-angle approach is necessary to address all challenges concerning the entire IT delivery process. We analyze bottlenecks, help set up high-performing teams, and share our knowledge of methodologies (BDD, TDD), Domain-Driven Design, software architecture, CI/CD, code quality, and technical processes - all aimed at enabling you to speed up your IT delivery process and achieve higher reliability.

Quality in Teams and Organizations

Today, almost all organizations depend on technology to realize their goals. However, these dependencies have become increasingly complicated. To reduce complexity and improve the software delivery process, we utilize socio-technical systems. We use Domain-Driven Design to enhance flexibility and support and coach teams and technical leadership on software quality.

"To ensure a high-quality result, we make it an essential element of every aspect of the software lifecycle. Our work ranges from optimizing technical feedback loops in the continuous delivery pipelines to conducting conversations aimed at preparing teams for fast flow."
- Viktor Clerc, COO at Qxperts.

Quality Assessments and Improvement

Most quality-related issues are not isolated. An overview of challenges is needed to create an improvement backlog and initiate the right changes. As a trusted advisor, Qxperts performs a Software Quality Scan to examine organizational maturity, code quality, and relevant metrics. We initiate and kickstart sustainable improvements and monitor them with our periodic Quality Assessment Model.

"A quality review not only gives organizations immediate insight into points of optimization; it also provides them with practical means to start improving."
- Reinier Verschure, CEO at Qxperts.

Quality in Technology

If you are looking for better, faster, and more efficient software delivery, using the right technology is self-evident. Qxperts helps organizations automate the delivery of software. We implement and optimize CI/CD pipelines and test automation solutions. Our specialized engineers are familiar with innovative developments on Progressive Delivery and observability in complex systems and will introduce new ways of working to support our customers' needs.

"In an ideal world, every organization would provide the right value at the right speed and the right quality. However, doing so is still a challenge for many businesses, from start-ups to corporates. Qxperts is here to help you create this ideal world."
- Viktor Clerc, COO at Qxperts.

 You can find more info on quality software delivery on the Qxperts website: