Xebia Offers New Training Certifications

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January 2021— Xebia Academy announces it now offers certifications for Data Science with Python (DSwPF) and Analytics Translation (AT) through a partnership with APMG International, the most reputed global accreditation and examination institute.

The certification provides quality assurance, standardization and validation of the exam which tests candidates on the high-quality training and teaching delivered by Xebia. Those who complete the AT or DSwPF courses and certification process will be able to demonstrate their skill level to others by sharing their dynamic digital badge which provides verification of their credential. People who previously completed either course through Xebia will also have the opportunity to sit the exam.

"The main advantage for participants who complete the training is that they can prove their competence," explains Giovanni Lanzani, Managing Director of Xebia Academy. "Not only can they say ‘I attended the training and passed an exam, but I passed a certified exam that adheres to the highest standards because an independent company oversees it.'"

Setting a Standard for Analytics Translation

"Before our course, people didn’t know how to approach training specifically for Analytics Translators working in the data & AI field," says Lanzani. "We were the first to create training in this sphere, and now, through the certification, Xebia is the first to set a standard for the role that people can measure themselves against " he adds.

Analytics Translation is a new skill — sitting between analytics, business, and subject matter expertise — that empowers product owners, managers, team leads and more to overcome the challenges of running successful data and AI products — from idea to solution. The process skills might be similar to traditional software development projects, but there’s a specialty and understanding required to make companies successful.

People with these skills — Analytics Translation — are key to help companies gain value from data and AI to develop solutions to stay ahead. They are truly a bridge between data teams and the business able to translate great opportunities into valuable assets.

The Value of the Certification

APMG’s independent validation of Xebia's certification ensures its tests are of the highest quality, standard, and are up to date. It also allows companies to measure the impact of the training by measuring pass rates.

Xebia certified more than 100 professionals in the last quarter 2020. “The certifications are retroactive, so if you have already completed the training, you can go back and take the exam,” explains Giovanni. “We’re also developing a bridge class to help people prepare for the certification if it’s been a while since they completed the training.