GoDataDriven Rejoins Xebia

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Rebrand expands portfolio and extends global market reach


GoDataDriven will rejoin Xebia, a global leader in digital transformation services and its parent company. For GoDataDriven, rebranding to Xebia offers two major benefits: The rebrand will expand Xebia’s portfolio and allows the data and AI specialist company to extend its reach into new global markets.

Launched in 2013 as a 100% subsidiary of Xebia, GoDataDriven specializes in data and AI consultancy and training and has helped hundreds of organizations operate in a data-driven way for nearly a decade. By reintegrating with its parent organization, it adds an indispensable portfolio of services to the Xebia brand, including data and AI strategy, analytics translation, data science, machine learning and AI, MLOps, analytics engineering, and training.

Active in seven different domains, with 18 locations worldwide, Xebia has 6,000 employees and provides consultancy, training, products, and support for projects and managed services. The rebranding will also allow GoDataDriven to enter new markets by leveraging Xebia’s global operations.

Xebia’s CEO Anand Sahay is excited about GoDataDriven rejoining Xebia. “Data is a catalyst for digital innovation. GoDataDriven has established itself as a leading data and AI consultancy in the greater Benelux region. By rejoining Xebia, we are able to bring its unique expertise and experience to other geographies, bringing Xebia one step closer to realizing its ambitions as a global consultancy specialized in digital transformation.”


“I am proud of what we have achieved as a team over the past decade. GoDataDriven has been part of a global development where data-driven has become the de facto standard for modern businesses," said Rob Dielemans, the founder of GoDataDriven. He added, "Now, it’s time for us, as Xebia, to partner with organizations that aspire to become data-native businesses and help them excel. We're bringing all our experience to Xebia and can now tap into the wealth of experience that is theirs. I'm excited about the decade to come."

“For many customers, a revenue threshold is needed to qualify for their procurement procedures (such as 50M worldwide revenue). For some partners (such as AWS and GCP), sharing a certification status across entities is not possible. Transitioning to a single Xebia entity avoids this limitation, increasing our visibility with customers and partners alike,” explained Giovanni Lanzani, the managing director Data (Benelux) at Xebia.

"As one company, we increase the likelihood of having exactly what a customer needs. In addition, we benefit from the immense flow of information and knowledge that can be shared and passed on within the organization. This means more experts and knowledge sharing, improved quality of decisions, more perspective on problems, and stronger coordination across units," Lanzani said.

Knowledge sharing has always been one of Xebia's (and GoDataDriven's) core values. To this end, it is creating and implementing Communities of Practices (CoPs), called chapters, as it expands globally. The first will be a global data chapter to foster knowledge-sharing throughout (and after) the GoDataDriven rebrand. Renald Buter, the data chapter lead elaborated, “Founded on our culture of knowledge-sharing and passion for quality, we are building Communities of Practices (which we call chapters) within Xebia. These chapters enable us to answer questions faster, get broader help with challenges, increase the retention of talent, provide a forum to build a professional reputation, and (most importantly) create a sense of belonging."

Already recognized as an authority in the Benelux area, GoDataDriven's successful collaboration and reintegration within Xebia will create new and unlimited strategic opportunities and likely increase talent retention. Although the GoDataDriven name and logos will change, its structure and focus will remain. The data organization is also committed to maintaining its culture and way of working throughout and after the transition. "We have always had the same mission, shared values, and business principles as Xebia," said Dielemans, "Now, by fully merging with Xebia, we can expand our horizons and goals, reach our full potential and make Xebia a globally recognized name in our field."