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Cloud comes with a lot of promise. Like, working smarter, better, faster, and more cost-efficiently. The cloud also enables many companies to make really big moves, such as launching a data platform, automating tedious processes, or building intelligent applications.

What does working in the cloud mean on a day-to-day basis? Firstly, you’re no longer solely responsible for management and maintenance. Secondly, your way of working will change radically. You’ll be looking at a new cost model, a new way of consuming, and a new definition of capacity.

To get the most out of the cloud, and reap its benefits, you need a keen understanding of the technology, your business, and your goals.

We help first-time movers and digital natives optimize their cloud platforms. From building a reliable and scalable infrastructure to deploying cloud-native solutions, assessing in-house knowledge, managing cloud spend, and training teams.


Solid relationships with the four largest cloud providers

You are free to choose your provider; Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Alibaba Cloud. As a leading multi-cloud partner, we allow you to share in the success achieved by global players, reach out to new markets worldwide and gain a whole new level of success. Our experts have undergone extensive cloud training, have been awarded for contributing to the community, and have a direct line of communication with the vendors.

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Everything you need to move to the cloud or optimize your existing cloud platform

Solution Partners

Customer story

NS International Builds Self-Healing Platform to Handle Doubled Traveler Volumes by 2030

Dutch rail organization reduces time to market from days to minutes with new cloud solution

Customer story

Luxury IT Company Creates Cloud-Centered Infrastructure to Serve High-end Automotive Retailers

PON IT delivers scalable, security-minded, Agile products and IT services through successful cloud migration

Customer story

Risk-Averse Insurance Behemoth  Transforms into a Responsive, Nimble, and Innovative Organization

CV, one of the Netherlands’  largest non-profit health insurers, optimizes costs and improves customer service by migrating to Azure Cloud

Customer story

Cloud-Native Data Platform Maximizes Data Potential for Global Business

Multinational logistics services company optimizes business by embedding software engineering and DevOps principles in data science

Customer story

DPG Media Profits from Move to Google Workspace

Leading digital media group streamlines its internal collaboration power through Google Workspace — unifying people while saving time and money

Customer story

Home Healthcare Company Makes Room for Growth with Move to a Cloud-based Architecture

Dutch health provider ZuidZorg successfully migrates old systems to the cloud in under three months

Customer story

Rail Ticket Agent Gets A Pass with Cutting-Edge Upgrade to Its App

Eurail increases delivery times with upgraded services and app built on AWS cloud architecture

Customer story

Simplifying Financial Flows with Cloud-Native App Offers Complete Solution for Businesses

ProActive moves its IT infrastructure to the cloud as it aims to simplify business finances with entirely cloud-based app Spend Cloud

Customer story

Wehkamp New Architecture Automates DevOps Operations

Automating Continuous Integration and Delivery on AWS for Top E-Commerce Biz in the Netherlands

Customer story

European Fintech Phenom Flexes its Financial Muscles through Digital Transformation and Expansion

BUX harnesses the power of data through the cloud ensuring seamless interaction; continues European expansion with record times

Customer story

COIN Migrates to Cloud to Deliver Value Faster

Dutch telecom association standardizes its software to achieve high performance; delivers value to customers faster

Customer story

Europe’s Largest Online Shopping Community Snags a Great Deal with Google’s Cloud Platform

iBOOD expands earning potential and improves customer service through revamping infrastructure with Google Cloud Platform

Customer story

Altrecht Quickly Adapts to Treating Patients from Home Using Chromebooks

Mental health care provider enabled to treat patients remotely and securely during the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting Chromebooks

Customer story

Quby Implements Highly-Automated Infrastructure to Deploy Smart Apps at Scale

Dutch software developer modernizes data center set up and rolls out a European expansion program

Customer story

COIN Modernizes Software Delivery Infrastructure

Dutch telecom association develops new streamlined services to deliver continuous business value

Customer story

Food Tech Curbs Spoils By Up to 70% with Automated Machine Learning Devices

Orbisk reduces food waste with a mere scan; using automated machine learning achieves success with global expansion plans ahead

Customer story

Dutch Financial Pension Advisory Unlocks Hybrid Cloud Landscape for Future Security

Embracing Agile, MN Pensioen migrates to a hybrid cloud environment while upgrading security features and gaining efficiency

Customer story

Dutch Port Community System Improves Continuous Innovation through Cloud Initiative

Portbase migrates to the cloud, reducing costs, eliminating downtime and increasing functionality, using DevOps mindset

Customer story

Real Estate IT Service Provider Goes to Market with Intelligent Cloud-based Platform

Cegeka DSA bolsters IT Infrastructure, using Agile and SCRUM to increase workflow and market share

Customer story

Bank Breaks with Tradition: Offers Cutting-Edge Digital Products and Services

Knab optimizes performance and efficiency while cutting costs with instant feedback loops and innovation protocols

Why Xebia

  • In addition to cloud, we operate in other digital domains such as Data and AI, Agile, Software Technology and DevOps
  • Within our industry, Xebia has the most long-term relationships with the four largest cloud partners
  • Our services cover the entire cloud spectrum, from our multi-cloud approach to cloud cost management, training, and managed services
  • Many of our consultants are also trainers! As an authorized training partner for Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Alibaba, rest assured that we hold the best knowledge and are determined to share it with you
  • Instead of advice reports, we deliver a combination of assessments, recommendations, and execution power
  • We hire for results! With a software development background and a keen eye for efficiency, our cloud consultants build easy-to-maintain functionality

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