Xebia is expanding its Data and AI training curriculum to Germany

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Data & AI consultancy and training organization GoDataDriven, part of Xebia, is bringing its training curriculum to Germany. With a high-quality range of Data & AI courses designed for tech-native companies and market-leaders, GoDataDriven aims to meet Germany's growing demand for digital and data-driven transformation. The local presence kicks off endless opportunities in the German market.

Entering the German Market

Over the past years, GoDataDriven has developed a unique data & AI curriculum for enterprises – from technical training to data literacy programs. GoDataDriven aims to build data and AI expertise within specialized teams and improve data literacy within organizations by bringing its training courses to the German market. 

Almost a decade ago, data initiatives mainly came from innovation teams or pioneering tech companies. Today, data has proven its worth, and companies can hardly operate without leveraging its value. However, being successful with data and AI requires, amongst others, an investment in people and skills.

Following increased demand for digital and data transformations, plus a growing interest in GoDataDriven's training courses coming from German companies, establishing a local presence is a strategic move for the training provider. 

Heading the expansion into the German market is Fred van Goethem, a seasoned commercial director hailing from Berlin. "Germany is at a tipping point. Start-ups and scale-ups are maximizing the benefits of digital,  but a large number of established businesses haven’t reached that stage yet. We see a huge opportunity for growth and are especially excited to empower companies with world-class Data & AI capabilities,” says Van Goethem, Sales Manager DACH at GoDataDriven. 

Training Curriculum

GoDataDriven's Data & AI training curriculum consists of virtual, classroom, and on-demand training for companies and aspiring IT professionals. Courses cover technologies like Apache Spark, Airflow, Python, and PowerBI, techniques like Time Series Forecasting, Deep Learning, A/B testing, and exclusive topics such as analytics engineering, analytics translation, and data literacy. 

Although GoDataDriven primarily provides in-company learning journeys, public training will also be part of the curriculum in Germany. GoDataDriven will deliver the courses in conjunction with local partners, including Königsweg and AIBridge.

 "Partnering with GoDataDriven enables us to improve our offering with its impressive training curriculum and continue to be successful in DACH countries." -Sieer Angar, Managing Director at KÖNIGSWEG GmbH.

"Our training curriculum is built with applicability in mind: learn today, apply tomorrow. It can be deployed as-is or quickly customized to fit the needs and challenges of our clients. Since we own most of our training material, we can easily adjust to what's required," says Giovanni Lanzani, Managing Director of Learning & Development at GoDataDriven. 

A Unique Position

GoDataDriven holds a unique position in the European market. Drawing on years of consulting experience, the company has built a training institute with unparalleled curriculum breadth and depth, covering boardroom to execution-level. 

GoDataDriven's training arm has shared its expert knowledge with over 460 companies and 18,000 professionals. Its curriculum is enriched through partnerships with leading tech companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Databricks, Fivetran, dbt labs, and Soda. A selection of courses is officially certified by the APMG institute.

"We live in a complex society with 24h access to information, fast changing digital tools, and the ability to collaborate globally. To learn effectively and live productively in the 21st century, it is essential for today's professionals to develop a new set of skills”, says Fred van Goethem, Head of Sales DACH at GoDataDriven: 

Giovanni Lanzani, Managing Director of Learning & Development at GoDataDriven adds:

“Our ambition is to bring the curriculum to every company that embarks on a data transformation journey. We are starting in Germany. Switzerland is next in line, followed by the UK and the Nordics.”

Global IT Pioneer

GoDataDriven is part of Xebia, a global IT pioneer providing high-quality consulting services that cover all aspects of digital transformation. From software development to cloud, data, AI, software consulting, DevOps, and Agile. Its clients include, among others, Disney, Ahold Delhaize, Tesco, Philips, and ING bank. Xebia employs 3,100 people who work from strategically located offices in Europe, APAC, UAE, the UK, and the US and has a revenue of 200+ million Euros in the last four quarters.