Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Xebia

Embracing our 'People First' value to cultivate an inclusive workplace that extends throughout the communities we serve.

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Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion for all

Xebia, with over 5,500 employees in 17 countries and 24 offices, values diversity and inclusion as a source of strength. Our mission is to attract and retain top-tier talent from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment of mutual respect and appreciation for cultural differences. Driven by our core value, ‘People First’, we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected, ensuring higher job satisfaction, a positive culture, and thriving employees. All individuals are welcome and evaluated solely on the quality of their work and their efforts in helping create a great team.


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What is DE&I?

  • Diversity: the presence of individuals from various demographic backgrounds such as gender, age, ethnicity, physical ability, and neurodiversity.
  • Equity: Refers to fair treatment for all people. It ensures that every individual has access to the same opportunities. Equity acknowledges that all that isn’t equal, and that people may require different levels of support to achieve equal outcomes.
  • Inclusion: Refers to how welcome, respected, and valued people feel within Xebia. Inclusion refers to the degree to which we embrace all employees regardless of their backgrounds and enable them to make meaningful contributions.


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Xebia's DE&I Commitment

Xebia understands that embracing diversity and promoting inclusion is a moral imperative and a strategic advantage. By actively addressing DE&I focus areas, we aim to create a workplace where everyone has equal opportunities for success, and we celebrate our collective diversity as a strength. We've identified key areas of focus to further our DE&I efforts within Xebia and our communities ecosystems.

Promote gender parity

Ensure that all employees have equal access to job opportunities, career development, training, and promotions.

Equal pay for equal work

Ensuring that employees are compensated fairly for their skills, experience, and contributions, regardless of demographic factors.

Inclusive work culture

Creating an environment where employees feel valued and respected, psychologically safe regardless of their background or identity, and provide a workplace free from bias.

Employee well-being and flexible working

Recognizing the diverse needs of our employees and show dedication to their well-being. We offer a flexible working model that accommodates various lifestyles, including flexible working arrangements and family-friendly policies, ensuring our workforce can achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

Ensure suppliers and clients embrace our DE&I principles.

Ensure that our suppliers and clients share and embrace our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion principles. We aim to collaborate with partners who align with our values. 

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Succession Planning for Underrepresented Groups

We aim to implement comprehensive strategies for seamless leadership transitions and talent development for underrepresented groups. 

Our Actions:

  • Identify high-potential individuals from underrepresented groups. 
  • Provide targeted leadership development programs to nurture diverse talents.
  • Ensure a transparent and unbiased succession planning process. 
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    Equal Pay for Equal Work

    We aim to ensure fair compensation structures to eliminate gender-based pay disparities. 

    Our Actions: 

    • Annually conduct pay equity analyses to identify and address disparities. 
    • Establish clear criteria for determining compensation, irrespective of gender. 
    • Advocate for transparency in salary structures and promotion processes. 
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    Diversity-Infused Policy Updates

    We commit to integrate diversity considerations into policy reviews and updates for a more inclusive organizational framework. 

    Our Actions: 

    • Incorporate diversity and inclusion metrics in policy assessments. 
    • Regularly review and update policies to reflect the evolving needs of our diverse workforce. 
    • Provide training for employees and leaders on the importance of diversity in policy development. 


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    Gender-Neutral Recruitment

    We will adopt practices that eliminate unconscious biases in recruitment processes, fostering a diverse and balanced workforce.

    Our Actions:

    • Implement blind recruitment practices to minimize unconscious biases. 
    • Ensure diverse representation in hiring panels. 
    • Provide training for recruiters on recognizing and mitigating bias. 
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    Inclusive Work Culture Building

    We aim to cultivate an environment where all employees feel valued and included, promoting diversity as a core aspect of our workplace ethos. 

    Our Actions: 

    • Foster a culture of open communication and mutual respect. 
    • Implement employee resource groups to support diverse communities. 
    • Provide training for employees and managers on fostering inclusivity in daily operations. 
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