Xpirit Merges into Xebia as Part of One Brand Strategy

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Leading services provider will form the foundation of Xebia’s Microsoft Services Unit.

Hilversum, Netherlands, January 11th, 2024 - Xebia, a global technology solutions leader, is streamlining its diverse service lines to better fit its one-brand strategy. As part of this strategic global integration, Xpirit, the separate Microsoft-focused consultancy business of Xebia, has transitioned into the Microsoft Service Line of the parent brand.  Recognized for its multi-service line approach and dynamic strategies, Xebia has expanded its operations across various regions, creating distinct service lines to meet clients' evolving needs. This approach, characterized by a range of diverse specialized services, has supported the company's global growth.

"By merging Xpirit into Xebia, we are doing more than just consolidating our brands and services. We are reinforcing our dedication to being a premier global provider of Microsoft solutions," stated Anand Sahay, Global CEO of Xebia. "Uniting under a single brand allows us to offer a more integrated and easily accessible range of services, perfectly in line with our goal to be the go-to source for digital transformation."

In response to the evolving technology industry, Xebia is adopting a new strategy focused on clarity and simplicity. This one-brand approach aims to consolidate various service lines into a single, unified entity, offering customers a straightforward and comprehensive one-stop shop for all their IT needs.  

"We are excited to share this milestone in our global integration strategy. The evolution of Xpirit into the Microsoft Service Line of Xebia underscores our commitment to providing a simple yet powerful, one-stop shop for our clients globally," said Marcel de Vries, Global MD & CTO Xebia Microsoft Services and Founder of Xpirit. "This strategic move positions us to continue shaping the future of technology, offering seamless solutions and expertise to our clients worldwide." 

The transition of Xpirit into the Microsoft Service Line of Xebia is a crucial element of this global integration. It signifies a cohesive approach to streamline expertise and services, ensuring that clients worldwide can access a unified suite of solutions under the trusted Xebia brand. From Business Transformation to Data & AI, Low Code, Cloud, and Software Development services, Xebia is a go-to partner for organizations seeking industry-recognized experts in IT on a global scale.  

About Xebia  

Xebia is a leader in the digital transformation arena, serving top-250 companies worldwide with end-to-end IT solutions. The company has experts specializing in Technology Consulting, Software Engineering, Product Development, Data and AI, Cloud, Intelligent Automation, Agile Transformation, and Microsoft services. In addition to high-quality IT Consulting and state-of-the-art Software development, Xebia has a host of Standardized Solutions which substantially reduce the time-to-market for businesses. Xebia also teaches what it practices through its Academy offerings, that train modern companies to fulfill their need to work better, smarter, and faster. 

Xebia’s services include in-depth analysis of customer requirements, technology consulting, solution architecture and providing software development and solutions to drive end-to-end digital transformation. The company has a strong presence across 16 countries with development centers across the US, Latin America, Western Europe, Poland, the Nordics, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. 

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