Xebia Celebrates Leroy Merlin’s Win of the 2024 Appian Innovation Award 

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Xebia is proud to announce that Leroy Merlin, a valued client, has been named the 2024 Appian Innovation Award winner. Xebia celebrates this recognition as it underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and its authority in providing Appian services.

Appian announced the 2024 Appian Innovation Awards winners at its annual global conference, Appian World. Each year, the Innovation Awards recognize customers and partners for creating impactful solutions on the Appian Platform. This year’s finalists have successfully implemented AI process automation to deliver significant business value.

“Anything you would love to accomplish, you can accomplish 10X faster with Appian.”

Dmitriy Anderson | CIO & Head of E-commerce and Marketplace Strategy at Leroy Merlin

The judging panel included Pavel Zamudio, Chief Customer Officer at Appian; Neil Ward-Dutton, VP of AI, Automation and Analytics at IDC Europe; and Juan Carlos Crespo Zaragoza, Deputy General Manager and Executive VP at Inetum, a global IT services company. By leveraging data fabric and AI technology, these winners have shown the art of the possible with next-generation process orchestration.

Leroy Merlin is the third-largest global home improvement retailer, and has a vast presence spanning 13 countries and a workforce of approximately 100,000 employees. Leroy Merlin has been expanding its operations digitally while facing new challenges due to increasing e-commerce and in-store orders. Burdened by a lengthy manual refund and returns process due to data silos and slow approvals, Leroy Merlin sought a more efficient solution.

“Congratulations to Leroy Merlin on winning the Appian Innovation Award 2024 for their dedication to operational excellence and customer-centricity through technology,” said Steven Teasdale, Area Vice President for Northern Europe and the Middle East at Appian. “By harnessing the power of process automation and integration on Appian, the team at Leroy Merlin, together with Xebia, have achieved remarkable results with elevated efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction. Leroy Merlin's journey exemplifies the synergy between technology and vision, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.”

Leroy Merlin achieved remarkable results by choosing Appian and utilizing its automation capabilities, along with the expertise provided by Xebia. The refund and returns process, which once took 10–12 days, now takes about 1.5 to 2 days, significantly reducing backlog and enhancing customer satisfaction. Notably, the implementation resulted in a 90% automation of manual tasks, a 20% increase in Net Promoter Score, a 55% improvement in refund processing efficiency, and a 15% enhancement in order preparation efficiency and quality, showcasing Leroy Merlin’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

"Leroy Merlin’s innovative use of Appian’s automation capabilities, implemented with Xebia’s expertise, has dramatically improved their refunds and returns process. This transformation not only reduced processing time but also significantly enhanced customer satisfaction. We are proud to support Leroy Merlin in their journey towards operational excellence and are thrilled to see their efforts recognized with the 2024 Appian Innovation Award."

Akhilesh Natani | Managing Director, Intelligent Automation at Xebia

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