Xebia Positioned as a top player on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

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Xebia was the highest-designated Major Contender in the Data and Analytics (D&A) Services for Mid-market Enterprises

Digital solutions provider Xebia announced today that it has been acknowledged as the highest-positioned Major Contender in the Data and Analytics (D&A) Services for Mid-market Enterprises on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. This recognition confirms Xebia’s collaborative, far-reaching work as a digital transformation leader, delivering technological solutions to top-ranking global firms in areas such as Low-Code, artificial intelligence (AI), and GenAI. In their assessment, Everest Group profiled 28 firms for the Data and Analytics (D&A) Services for Mid-market Enterprises on the PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. These 28 companies tailor their services to the specific needs of mid-market enterprises, earning less than USD $5 billion annually, including in the areas of innovation, personalized support, agility, and flexible pricing. Everest Group Data and Analytics (D&A) Services for Mid-market Enterprises on the PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 Many industries are becoming increasingly driven by data and AI; the global market for AI is expected to reach upwards of USD $1.85 trillion by 2030, so Xebia’s focus is on giving firms differentiation in this space. This means creating templates for real-time analytics and MLOps platforms for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform so we can quickly start our customers with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, no matter where they host it. From identifying use cases and opportunities to expanding teams and company services, Xebia grows AI and data practices to ensure innovative uses of technology become part of business DNA. Thanks to our thorough efforts, 95% of Xebia customers host their platforms in the cloud. We are also a leader in technological education, delivering training in Machine Learning Operations, Machine Learning System Design, Advanced Analytics Translation, Data Visualization and Storytelling, and Deep Learning Applied to Natural Language Processing. Companies worldwide seek out Xebia's services to modernize their operations and surpass their competition.
"I want to thank all our customers and fellow Xebians for this milestone. Being recognized for our deep expertise and ability to execute is a great honor. This year the impact of data and AI has been democratized more than ever before. We look forward to the future to unlock the potential of data and AI even further." - Rob Dielemans, Global MD at Xebia

About Xebia

Xebia is a digital transformation leader, serving the top 250 global companies with comprehensive IT solutions. Operating in 16 countries with development centers across the US, Latin America, Western Europe, Poland, Nordics, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, Xebia's experts specialize in Technology Consulting, Software Engineering, Product Development, Data & AI, Cloud, Low Code, Agile Transformation & DevSecOps, and Quality Assurance. Alongside top-notch IT Consulting and Software development, Xebia offers time-efficient Standardized Solutions and education through its Academy. With a 100% YoY growth rate for two years, Xebia is a driving force in the expanding digital transformation market. Xebia was recently recognized as a leader in the “Low-code Application Development Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023” for Appian services undertaken by Everest group.