Press Release | Qxperts rejoins Xebia

Xebia Background Header Wave
Qxperts was launched as a new label of the Xebia Group back in 2021 and has enabled customers to deliver high-quality software ever since. In the coming months, we are rejoining Xebia to continue to support our and Xebia’s clients in addressing all quality-related challenges in software delivery. 

Qxperts will rejoin Xebia, a global leader in digital transformation services and its parent company. Rebranding to Xebia offers several major benefits: expansion of Xebia’s portfolio and extending the reach into new global markets.

The team originally started as part of Xebia back in 2014 with a focus on technical test automation consultancy. Gradually, they adhered a broader to encompass software quality in the full breadth. As a result, the team was launched in 2021 as Qxperts, a 100% subsidiary of Xebia, to enable clients to deliver quality software through assessments, consultancy, and training. Qxperts has helped tens of organizations to deliver quality software. By reintegrating with its parent organization, it adds a unique portfolio of services to the Xebia brand, including also a new ‘continuous delivery as a service’ offering and software assessments.

Active in seven different domains, with 18 locations worldwide, Xebia has 6,000 employees and provides consultancy, training, products, and support for projects and managed services. The rebranding will also allow Qxperts to enter new markets by leveraging Xebia’s global operations.

Xebia’s CEO Anand Sahay is excited about Qxperts rejoining Xebia. “The move of Qxperts back into Xebia further strengthens our ambitions as a global consultancy specialized in digital transformation. As with other labels joining Xebia, I see the necessary cross-fertilization take off and become of immediate value to our customers: the need for quality software delivery is more important now than ever.”

“Over the past years, we have seen growing recognition of our holistic vision on software quality. High-quality software delivery entails the optimum in fit for use technology, adequate software delivery processes, and organized teams and professionals. This view is currently widely acknowledged,” said Reinier Verschure, chief of Qxperts. “By rejoining Xebia, we can further strengthen Xebia’s service portfolio and tap into the knowledge and experience of Xebia. This logical next step is exciting.

“As one company, we increase the likelihood of optimally servicing our customers. In addition, we benefit from the vast amount of information and knowledge that is shared within the organization. This means more experts and knowledge sharing, improved quality of decisions, more perspectives on problems, and stronger coordination across units,” said Viktor Clerc, chief operations at Qxperts. “Ultimately, it adds to the professional journey of our consultants.”

Although the Qxperts name and logos will change, its structure and focus will remain. “We have always had the same mission, shared values and business principles as Xebia,” said Clerc, “Now, by fully merging with Xebia, we can expand our horizons and goals and reach our full potential.”