GoDataDriven and Pipple sign partnership agreement to expand training portfolio for the Dutch market

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Amsterdam, Netherlands – GoDataDriven announces partnership with Pipple to expand training portfolio for the Dutch market.

Pipple is a group of mathematicians and econometricians with an open-minded and creative way of looking at data and business processes. Since its founding in 2016, the agency has successfully executed more than 150 projects, mainly within Banking & Insurance and Logistics. For each project, a custom solution is developed based on mathematical and artificial intelligence. Additionally, Pipple’s expertise and ambition lie in pro bono data science for NGOs to give organizations such as the Dutch Red Cross (510) and the Ocean Cleanup access to these advanced solutions.

GoDataDriven has over ten years of experience in data and AI, focusing on Data Science and Engineering consultancy and training over 5,000 data professionals per year. The company, part of the fast-growing IT consultancy firm Xebia, has established solid partnerships with Cloudera, DataBricks, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon and is proud to announce its latest collaboration with Pipple.

"Finding companies with similar cultures and similar values is not easy. That's why we are thrilled to have found and now partner with Pipple. From the people they hire to the customers they serve, it's a great match. GoDataDriven's extensive curriculum, from Python for Data Analysts to Deep Learning Applied, Natural Language Processing, and Analytics Translation, will be made available to Pipple's customers. Pipple will enrich our training courses with its deep knowledge of Banking & Insurance, Logistics and Healthcare."
Giovanni Lanzani, Managing Director GoDataDriven Academy

"Pipple is a project organization that develops custom solutions to optimize business processes mathematically. Some of our customers also need to be trained in the techniques and tools used for this. The GoDataDriven training curriculum offers a perfect fit and a great extension of our services. Pipple and GoDataDriven are no strangers to each other, but we are pleased that by entering into this partnership, we can mutually strengthen our offerings."
- Jeroen Haas, CEO Pipple

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