Certified SAFe Scrum Master (SSM)

23 May, 2024Frankfurt am Main, The Netherlands

2 days
In Person
Agile Scaling

Discover how to maximize your value as a Scrum Master in a SAFe environment with our Certified SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) training. Gain the skills to build high-performing Agile teams, facilitate Scrum events, execute Planning Intervals, and support DevOps implementation. Unlock the potential of Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and deliver maximum value on a large scale. Join us on this two-day journey and become a certified SAFe Scrum Master!

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2 days


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What will you learn?

In our comprehensive SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) training, you will learn the essential skills to excel in a SAFe environment. Discover how to build high-performing Agile teams, facilitate Scrum events effectively, execute Planning Intervals, and support DevOps implementation. Join us and transform your Scrum Master role in a SAFe context.

You can download the Scrum Master training brochure here

Key takeaways

  1. Enhance your Scrum Master skills in a SAFe environment.
  2. Navigate the unique challenges and opportunities within SAFe.
  3. Conduct effective Planning Interval (PI) planning sessions.
  4. Facilitate iterations and foster team collaboration.
  5. Ensure successful Planning Interval (PI) completion.
  6. Master the art of coaching Agile teams.


Gain insights into servant leadership and coaching techniques. With our hands-on approach, you’ll explore the best practices for delivering maximum value on a large scale using Agile Release Trains (ARTs).

  • Scrum & SAFe: Exploring Scrum within the SAFe framework.
  • Scrum Master: Understanding the characteristics and responsibilities of a Scrum Master in SAFe.
  • Planning Interval (PI) Planning: Hands-on experience with successful PI planning.
  • Iterations: Facilitating iterations for maximum impact.
  • Planning Interval (PI) Completion: Elements for achieving successful PI completion.
  • Agile Team: Techniques for coaching high-performing Agile teams.

Who is it for

The SAFe for Scrum Masters (SSM) course is perfect for Scrum Masters who (will) work in a SAFe environment. The training is also suits Team Leads and SAFe Release Train Engineers.

If you are still at the start of your Agile journey, the Scrum Foundation or our Scrum Master courses may be of more use to you.


To get the most out of this training, it is essential that you know what Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming (XP) are.

You have experience with software and hardware development processes.

Why should I do this training?

Boost your Scrum career

Boost your Scrum Master career in a SAFe environment and access exclusive resources and join the SAFe Community Platform.

Gain practical skills

Gain practical skills to excel in your role and deliver value.

Earn your certificates

Earn a Scaled Agile Academy certificate, receive a certificate of participation and a digital badge.

What else should I know?

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training, we will ask about any dietary requirements and share relevant literature if you need to prepare.

See you soon!

Course information

Comprehensive 2-day program in English.

The online multiple-choice exam and subsequent certification are included in the price.

All course materials and a delicious lunch on each course day are included.

Travel & accommodation expenses are not included

Exam and Certification

This SAFe training concludes with an exam that is included in the price of the course. Please note: attendance on all course days is mandatory to participate in the exam. The exam must be conducted online within 30 days of the last training day. If you pass (33 of the 45 multiple-choice questions correct), you will receive your Scaled Agile Academy SAFe SSM certificate, plus:

  • A one-year SAFe Community Platform membership.
  • Exclusive access to online learning resources of the Scaled Agile Academy.
  • Certificate of participation, including a digital badge.

Meet the Trainers

Laurens Bonnema

Laurens Bonnema is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at Xebia Academy. Other topics: scaling, leadership and Obeya.

Bart Bouwers

As a skilled and seasoned Agile consultant and trainer, Bart is passionate about making teams work better together and more customer-centric. He also loves to help organizations scale Agile.

Serge Beaumont

Meet Serge Beaumont, trainer at Xebia Academy. Serge teaches a broad range in Agile Scaling training courses.

Tom Siebeneicher

Tom Siebeneicher is an Agile trainer at Xebia Academy and an expert in digital and agile transformations.

Jarl Meijer 

Meet Jarl Meijer, trainer at Xebia Academy. Jarl is a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and specialized agile management trainer and trains on behalf of Xebia the Certified leading SAFe courses and Agile Project Management.

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