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Align leadership and vision for transformative results. In this SAFe Executive Workshop, you’ll delve into the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to harness Agile at an executive level, ensuring strategy realization across the enterprise landscape. Get ready to enable a successful transformation into a SAFe organization.

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What will you learn?

More and more companies are embracing the Agile way of working, but how do you apply Agile on a larger scale? SAFe is a framework developed to help you implement strategy in an Agile way: more effective, lean, fast, and cost-efficient.

You can imagine that working together with more than 50 people is a challenge. After this workshop, you will know how to align structure, strategy and teams and create the best product together.

  • Be prepared for a question like, “But what about [your unique situation]?” Many leaders worry that SAFe won’t work or will be hard to apply for their specific industry, product, or organization. Help them focus on the SAFe Lean-Agile Principles to understand that their problems may differ, but the measures to improve are universal. Consider also what examples and case studies you might share to coach them on how SAFe works for many industries and organizations.
  • “How will this change our budgeting and finance controls?” It is common for leaders to be concerned about how to apply Lean Budgeting and make it work in practice.
  • Prepare for the question, “How will we measure the success of our SAFe transformation?”

Key takeaways

  1. What potential does SAFe bring to your organization?
  2. Which are SAFe’s core principles and framework elements?
  3. What do the concepts of Agile Portfolio Management and LEAN Agile Budgeting mean? And how do they improve cross-organization alignment with the business strategy?
  4. How are the success and progress of Scaled Agile implementations measured?
  5. How do I lead the implementation of SAFe?


To reach the decision in an Enterprise to go SAFe, SAFe Practice Consultants (SPCs) may need to align executive stakeholders on the problems to be solved, develop their understanding of what it means to be a Lean Enterprise, help them assess where they are on that journey, and guide them on the next steps to better understanding SAFe. 

The SAFe Executive Workshop Toolkit provides the resources an SPC needs to facilitate these discussions and assessments.

The workshop contains a flexible set of slides and exercises to discuss current challenges with executives, introduce the Business Agility Value Stream and Seven Core Competencies of a Lean Enterprise, self-assess in terms of the current symptoms being experienced, and define next steps. 

Who is it for?

The SAFe Executive Workshop is custom-designed by SAFe specifically for C-level executives and leaders aiming to introduce SAFe methodologies into their organizations. Its content is meticulously crafted to suit CEOs, CTOs, and other high-level decision-makers.

We typically see leadership teams start their SAFe learning path with the SAFe Executive Workshop to learn the right foundational skills for adopting SAFe. Or, teams use this workshop at a later point in their SAFe journey, to check whether they are still doing the right things at the right time.


Bring your strategic goals and challenges to make this workshop most valuable for you and get your questions answered.

A basic understanding of Agile principles will be beneficial, though not mandatory.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be well-equipped to drive value with SAFe and lead a Lean-Agile transformation at the helm of your organization.

What else should I know?

We primarily offer this course as an in-company workshop. That’s how we can ensure we can address the right topics, tailored to your organization’s specific needs, characteristics, and knowledge.

Feel free to contact us to find out how we can, together, set the wheel in motion and make it as successful as possible!

Meet the trainers

Tom Siebeneicher

Tom Siebeneicher is an Agile trainer at Xebia Academy and an expert in digital and agile transformations.

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