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We’re a group of highly ambitious craftsmen. From strategy to technology implementation, Xebia is a one-stop shop for full stack digital transformation.

We provide innovative solutions and services to help your organization become a digital winner.

We’re organized in specialized centers of excellence all over the world. We are like-minded individuals who aim for authority in our respective fields.


Digital Transformation

Staying ahead of digital trends and on top of rapidly changing customer behavior is the key to making your digital transformation a success.

We help you make the ultimate impact by keeping you connected to your customers’ continuously shifting needs. Together, we ignite a strategy from the heart of your company’s purpose and accelerate your business through a digital backbone of data, technology and creative concepts that maximize customer service and experience.

Our mission is to help your organization become one of the digital winners of tomorrow.

Our services:

  • Digital strategy consulting
  • Digital strategy Execution
  • Digital product Management
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Agile Transformations

Digital and agile transformations are essential for changing your company into a truly innovative organization. An agile organization is not just about working in an agile way or culture. An agile transformation is about changing your structure, culture, and processes, and ultimately improving your business agility and results.

Xebia’s Agile Consulting and Transformation practice offers specific services for:

  • Change organizational structures into a Spotify-like models.
  • Train leadership in agile philosophy, so they understand and act accordingly.
  • Empower teams to implement agile methods sustainably.
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Agile Product Management

In this era of rapid digital transformation, and high uncertainty too often product managers are thrust into the product owner role without the necessary preparation. To ensure your company is future-fit, you need product owners who are also exceptional product leaders. They know what customers need, know how to prioritize and bring focus to the teams. We can help your organization bridge the gap, with our agile product management and consulting services. From leading and coaching product teams, interim ownership to training. We help you find out how great products are build.

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Big Data & Data Science

In a world where the pace of change is constantly increasing, how do you take control of your business? By learning from data and adapting faster. Today’s organizations must transform into DataDriven enterprises that can respond quickly to change. Of course, data and (open source) technology play a major role, but organization, skills, and process are equally important.

As the big data and data science competence center, we deliver:

  • Big data infrastructure engineering
  • Data science
  • Business data consulting
  • Training and education
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Cloud Infrastructures

To innovate and grow you need to take full advantage of the cloud, ensuring your application and infrastructure is scalable, secure and resilient. We can help you with that. Creating a zero downtime platform based on the latest AWS, Google, and Azure infrastructures is our focus.

Our cloud engineers can help you with:

  • Cloud Infrastructure architecture
  • AWS, Google and Azure platform consulting
  • Cloud Reliability Engineering
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Agile Software Development

Fierce competition in the digital marketplace means you need the capability to react swiftly to movements and changes. Is your software architecture agile enough to compete?

High-quality software development is the key, winning factor in today’s digital battle. We offer high-quality, agile software development, on site at your location or in our Xebia Studio.

Xebia Studio is a full-featured environment without the typical impediments of larger organizations. With no politics or hassle, nothing stops us from delivering software immediately, from day one. We’ll bring your software live, faster than you ever thought possible.


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Continuous Delivery

The right focus on quality feedback powered by continuous delivery and coupled with the appropriate test automation tools enable your agile teams to deliver instantly.

We offer specific services for:

  • Quality engineering practices
  • Advice, audits and QA
  • Implementing test strategy through the entire pipeline
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Agile Software Security

Every new innovation creates a Pandora’s Box Moment. Without the proper security and privacy set in place, the door opens to security breaches and serious vulnerabilities. Cybercrime can seriously impact your brand and revenue. Because above all, customers want to be able to trust the companies to whom they give their personal details, history and preferences.

Xebia’s Security practice provides the following benefits:

  • Faster time to market in comparison with traditional security methods;
  • Easy adoption and monetization of new technologies;
  • Significant lowering of security costs;
  • Safeguarding the compliance for relevant laws and regulations;
  • Build the image of being a trustworthy partner and supplier.
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User Experience Design

Today’s customers are more influential than ever, able to shift market demands and define a company’s success with the power of digital word-of-mouth. Customers are now in control of their interactions with businesses, which has turned design into the new basis of competition. This consumer power compels companies to rethink the way they do business and explore new ways to become more customer-centric.

  • Assessing your current UX maturity level and arming you with the knowledge and skills to reach the next

  • Setting out a UX strategy aligned with your business goals

  • Aligning your product with your customers’ needs

  • Aligning UX activities across teams


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Discover and Develop Blockchain Use Cases for Your Business


When it comes to its potential to disrupt the digital world, blockchain technology is the internet's big brother. Get the most out of distributed ledgers for your business by discovering and developing blockchain use cases.

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Tooling and Models

Accelerate IT Operations with Artificial Intelligence

StackState’s Next-Gen Monitoring and AIOps platform consolidates all your siloed monitoring data into one unified view. Result? Reduce the time to detect and analyze an issue up to 80%.

Global Delivery Model

Our unique global engagement model allows you to choose the sourcing strategy best suited to your business needs. We operate with dedicated local client teams in the US and large scale centers in Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Paris and Amsterdam.

Instruqt: Online interactive IT learning platform

Create sandbox environments using real infrastructure to train your teams, customers and prospects.

Define challenges to guide users and let them discover the true value of your product.

Innovate Faster, Innovate Better with Xebia Studio

Draw on our advanced services, expertise and high-tech facilities to realize your full innovation potential. In our startup environment you are in full control. Be up and delivering value within a matter of days, with 100% focus on innovation.


Xebia implemented an end-to-end agile process flow that resulted in faster time to market, improved team motivation and increased software quality by 37%.


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