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Our Security Upskill Program helps you to master role-based and progressive learning journeys geared towards all involved in the development process.

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Role-Based and Progressive Learning Journeys


The Security Upskill Program offers role-based and progressive learning journeys that cater to all individuals involved in the development process. It acknowledges that one-size-fits-all security training doesn’t work and instead provides specialized knowledge and skills tailored to different roles within the security development process.

Modular and Comprehensive Approach for the Whole Team


The program is organized into modules covering various aspects of security, from foundational concepts to cloud security and DevSecOps. Each module addresses specific topics, making it easy to customize the program to meet the specific needs of your security team.

Focus on Specialization and Scalability to Bridge the Skills Gap


Traditional security training often emphasizes either specialization or scalability. This program seeks to bridge that gap by offering specialized training for different roles while ensuring scalability by providing common foundational knowledge and fostering collaboration among team members and stakeholders.

Why would
you upskill
your people?

With new technologies developing at lightning speed and a challenging job market, finding and retaining the right people is a daunting task. However, there’s a shortage in skills rather than a shortage in people. That’s why 50% of all employees will have to upskill within the coming five years, World Economic Forum already warned us.

Upskilling your employees is the best solution to bridge that skills gap. We know that upskilling will lift your employees’ spirit and give them a sense of belonging, knowing their employer invests in them.

Similarly, talented people are attracted to organizations willing to invest in their personal development. In the end, upskilling is between 72% and 90% cheaper than hiring new talent.

Benefits of upskilling your organization

Increase team efficiency and productivity.

Improve employee retention.

Boost employee belonging and satisfaction.

Attract new talent.

How to upskill your security team?

Don’t you have that impression too? That many security learning curriculums are too often based on elevating one expert’s opinion or sending out generic security basics across an entire organization?

The problem with these approaches is that you either have specialization OR scalability but never both. To get specialization at scale and share the right info with the right people, you need a different approach.

With our Security upskill program and underlying learning journeys, you and your team(s) will master role-based and progressive learning journeys geared toward all the people involved in your security development process.

Security Learning Journey Modules

To upskill your team(s) and team members, we’ve developed a security learning journey that covers each position and each responsibility.

Modular set-up

To tailor your upskill program to your team’s needs, we’ve adopted a modular set-up with different ‘flavors’ and different focus areas.

Security learning focus areas

Let’s first discuss the different focus areas. As you can see in the image below, we’ve used icons to represent a module’s focus areas. A security learning journey module can represent more than one of these areas, We distinguish between:

  • Process and People
  • Products
  • Pipelines
  • Platforms

Security learning ‘flavors’

Next to the different focus areas, we also give a module a certain flavor. What does that mean, a ‘flavor’?!

A flavor represents how far you’ve become in your knowledge journey. We’ve based that on four experience levels:

  • Tell: get basic information about a certain subject.
  • Show: demonstrate how it’s applied with real-life examples.
  • Do: apply the knowledge yourself with real-world scenarios.
  • Train: teach others in your organization to spread knowledge and master the subject.

Example security learning journey

When you take the above-mentioned focus areas and flavors and combine those elements in a modular learning journey, you will come to this.


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Training formats

We offer training in any preferred format and at any preferred partner. Whether you prefer classroom learning, blended learning, or e-learning, we will create the best, tailored learning solution, together.

In-Classroom Training

In our in-class, instructor-led training, you can expect a mix of dynamic lectures and hands-on assignments. We make learning fun with (board) games and other interactive learning approaches.

Online Training

In our online, instructor-led training, you will experience how we use a combination of different tools and scenes to provide the optimal learning experience. That’s how we ensure interaction among participants, making it more personal and fun.

On-Demand Training

Xebia is an official reseller of on-demand training from leading platforms, such as Acloudguru, Pluralsight, and Qwiklabs. You can use these platforms with a discount and can be part of our holistic upskill program.

Meet the trainers

Marinus Kuivenhoven

Marinus Kuivenhoven is a Security trainer and Head of Security Learning and Coaching at Xebia Academy.

Dave van Stein

Meet Dave van Stein, trainer at Xebia Academy. Dave is a security trainer and trains on behalf of Xebia the Risk Assessing User Stories and Secure Coding Fundamentals courses. View Dave’s full profile and training courses on Xebia Academy.

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