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Agile Scaling

How SAFe 6.0 Is Revolutionizing Agile: 6 Key Changes You Need to Know

In this article, we’ll look into the updates and refinements that SAFe 6.0 has brought us and what they mean for you when using the framework. Learn more about the six key changes.



What does a Scrum Master do all day!?

Maybe you just started as a Scrum Master; maybe you’re interested in becoming one. But what the heck does a Scrum Master do all day?! Evelien dives into the daily tasks of a Scrum Master.

Product Management

The top 8 skills for a Product Owner/Product Manager in 2023

What competencies do I need to be good at as a Product Owner/Product Manager? What’s expected of me as far as competencies are concerned? In this article, you will learn more about which skills are needed in your PO/PM role.


Seven facilitation tips to start your Scrum Team

Setting up your new Scrum Team is necessary if you want them to succeed. Here are seven facilitation tips to create a perfect lift-off for your Scrum Team and drive collaboration.


A Scrum Master’s organizational focus

As a Scrum expert, you’ll have the knowledge – and responsibility – to make other teams and departments in the organization understand the basics of Scrum. Read more on how to achieve that.

Product Management

How to develop your Product Owner / Product Manager skills

Great products delivered by amazing people are at the heart of any great company. Learn which skills you need to learn to truly thrive as a product owner or product manager.


Press Release

Xebia first to offer unique GitHub-certified training

Xebia announces its GitHub Certification training program as of December 2023. As a GitHub-verified partner in training, Xebia exclusively offers two Certification training courses, including exam vouchers, before the official start of the GitHub Certification Program in January 2024.  

Press Release

Xebia Academy partners with This Is Performance for certified OKR training

Xebia Academy proudly announces a new partnership with Utrecht-based This Is Performance. Together, we are clinching the cross-border collaboration with OKR Institute®, a world leader in Objective and Key Results (OKR) training and certification. This collaboration enables both parties to offer certified OKR training specifically for the Dutch market.