Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced (PSPO-A) (PSPO 2)

20 June, 2024Hilversum, The Netherlands

2 days
In Person
Product Management
Product Owner

Take your next step in Product Ownership! This two-day Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced (PSPO 2) training reflects on your role and teaches you how to maximize your day-to-day impact as a Product Owner. This PSPO-A course (to obtain the PSPO 2 certification) builds on the PSPO introduction course (and the PSPO 1 certification), taking you a step further in your Product Owner learning journey!

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2 days


09:00 – 17:00









What will I learn?

Improve your decision-making to steer your product strategy.

How to best collaborate with stakeholders.

How to realize a unified understanding of value.

How to respond to challenging situations.

Combining Business Model Innovation and Product Innovation.

Maximizing value by using experiments, impact mapping, and practical measures.

The experiences of other participants and trainers on maximizing impact.

Key takeaways

  1. Master the different stances of a Product Owner for navigating everyday challenges.
  2. Maximize the outcome for your customers and the impact for the organization.
  3. Learn how to communicate with your stakeholders through storytelling.
  4. Work with actionable experiments for product innovation.


This 2-day Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced (PSPO 2) training reflects on your role as Product Owner and teaches you how to maximize your day-to-day impact.

As a Product Owner, you master the basics of Scrum, as well as all the ins and outs of Agile product management. Along the way, you have encountered challenges that made you wonder how to maximize your day-to-day impact.

We move from understanding Scrum to mastering your Product Management skills with this course.

Define, estimate, measure, and evaluate value and organizational impact.

Who is it for?

This advanced training perfectly complements the introductory PSPO 1 course. It is designed for Product Owners who want to reflect on their role and widen their product management skills. It is also an excellent training course for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Chapter Leads, and Managers who wish to support their Product Owners’ professional growth.


You have a solid understanding of Scrum and the Scrum framework, and you have studied The Scrum Guide by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

You have at least one year of experience as a Product Owner.

You are part of a Scrum Team and/or have completed Product Owner training.

The PSPO 1 certificate is not required for participation. However, we highly recommend completing the Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 (PSPO 1) course first, as the PSPO 2 training course is most valuable if participants’ prior knowledge and experience match.

What others have to say

Marit van Rozendaal

Ahold Delhaize

I really like the interactive way of teaching, time went by very fast, with still some energy left at the end of the day. So good energy and good vibe.”


Wilbert Kerkhof

PO at Xebic Onderwijs

“I really liked the chance to interact with other product owners and learn from each other. In combination with the trainer putting these experiences and ideas into perspective using the 6 stances. It really made the course material stick for me.”


Kristel van de Riet


Showing the different stances of a product owner and the different stadia of a product owner: from scribe to CEO was the best part of the training.
I finally understood what a scrum master does when doing the governance exercise.


Why should I follow this training?

Deepen your understanding

Deepen your understanding of Agile Product Management in a very pragmatic and concrete way

Move your career forward

Take your next career step and learn how to maximize customer value and improve organizational impact

Earn your PSPO 2 certificate

A great step towards becoming a certified professional with the included PSPO 2 exam

Exam and Certification

After completing the Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced (PSPO 2) training course, you will receive an exam code from to take the PSPO 2 exam. This code is valid indefinitely, allowing you to take the exam online whenever you choose.

However, if you take the exam within 14 days of receiving the exam code, you will receive a new attempt for free in case you fail the exam. If you take the exam – and fail – after those 14 days, you will have to retake the exam at your own expense as those costs are not included in the training price. If you pass the PSPO 2 exam (score 85% or above), you will:

  • Receive the Professional Scrum Product Owner 2 (PSPO 2) certificate and badge.
  • Become a lifelong member of the community.
  • Be included in the global Professional Scrum Master database.

What else
should I know?

After registering for the PSPO-Advanced course, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training, we will ask you about any dietary requirements and share literature if you need to prepare.

See you soon!

Course information

Prior to this course, you must have studied The Scrum Guide.

Literature and lunch are included in the course.

Travel and accommodation expenses are not included.

The PSM 1 exam and certificate are included in the training – if you pass the exam, of course.

Meet the trainers

Robbin Schuurman

Robbin Schuurman is a trainer (PST), Professional Product Management creator and product leader at Xebia Academy.

Willem Vermaak

Meet Willem Vermaak, a trainer and author at Xebia Academy. Willem is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and teaches you all about Product Management.

Evelien Acun-Roos

Meet Evelien Roos, trainer at Xebia Academy. Evelien is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and keynote speaker.

Jesse Houwing

Meet Jesse Houwing, a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at Xebia Academy. He teaches all courses but also Azure courses.

Sander Dur

Sander is Lead Agile Consultant at Xebia and a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at Xebia Academy.

Laurens Bonnema

Laurens Bonnema is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at Xebia Academy. Other topics: scaling, leadership and Obeya.

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