Giovanni Lanzani

Giovanni holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics, with research focusing on models describing DNA mechanics. Prior to joining GoDataDriven, Giovanni worked at the Software Quality department at KPMG.

Giovanni Lanzani

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As Chief Science Officer Giovanni advices clients on how to extract value from (big) data and how to effectively bring dat science models into production.

Data driven products are developed using Giovanni's excellent understanding of Python (especially Numpy and pandas) and technologies related to the Hadoop ecosystem such as Spark, HDFS, Hive, and Impala. On the database side he can be considered a PostgreSQL aficionado.

On top of that, Giovanni is a certified Cloudera trainer for the Data Analyst, Developer, Spark, Search, and Admin Cloudera courses.

On the training side he also helped kickstart the Data Science Accelerator Program and develop the Data Science with Python and Data Science with Spark trainings.

Giovanni regularly shares his knowledge during conferences and other events, such as meetups and expo, including PyData (of which he is chair and meetup organizer) and NoSQL Matters.


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