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Welcome to the Professional Product Management QuickScan

Start your journey of professional development with the Professional Product Management QuickScan, a thoughtfully crafted self-assessment tool developed by well-respected industry experts Willem Vermaak and Robbin Schuurman.

Whether you are aiming to learn new skills, expand your influence, or drive innovative products with confidence, the PPM QuickScan is your first step toward mastering the art of product management. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your professional journey.

PPM Competency Framework

Introducing the PPM Competency Framework, an essential framework designed for the forward-thinking product professional. This colorful wheel shows all the essential areas of great product management. It’s like a map that highlights which skills you already possess and which skills you could develop.

  • Leadership: At the heart of impactful product management, cultivating leadership skills empowers you to guide and develop others, fostering a culture of success and togetherness within your team.
  • Communication: Effective communication serves as the bedrock for aligning stakeholders, articulating your vision, and ensuring that feedback flows constructively.
  • Entrepreneurship: Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset to seek out opportunities, drive strategic business growth, and innovate with agility.
  • Business: Navigate the complex business landscape with skills that help you understand markets, make data-driven decisions, and manage your financials with acumen.
  • People: Manage relationships with empathy and insight, collaborate across teams, and solve problems creatively to build products that resonate with your users.
  • Process: Refine your processes through experimentation and validation, leveraging data and analytics to improve and deliver exceptional user experiences continuously.
  • Product: At the foundation, robust product knowledge enables you to create strategies, design compelling user experiences, and manage the lifecycle with precision.
  • Market: This slice of the wheel is all about understanding your customers and competitors. Know what’s out there, what’s trending, and what gaps you can fill. It’s crucial for creating products that people actually want and need.

Our quick scan is crafted to assess and reflect upon these key areas, providing you with a personalized profile of your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Mind you, you can’t and won’t possess all these skills. It merely offers an overview of your current strengths and possible next steps.

Key results from the QuickScan

The PPM QuickScan offers a thorough evaluation of your skills across key dimensions of product management, from strategic insights to operational mastery.

By participating in this QuickScan, you will:

Discover Your Strengths
Uncover the areas where you excel and learn how to leverage these to your advantage in your daily responsibilities and long-term career aspirations.

Benchmark Your Skills
Compare your skills to industry standards and discover your unique position in the competitive landscape of product management.

Identify Areas for Improvement
Gain clear, actionable insights on how to enhance your competencies, supported by expert recommendations for training and development.

Craft Your Personal Development Plan
With the detailed feedback from the QuickScan, you will be able to craft a tailored development plan that focuses on turning your potential into mastery.

What can you expect?

Why Should I Do the QuickScan?

Gain Skill Strength Insights

You can gain immediate clarity on areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within your operations. Understand your performance in critical skill areas such as Communication, Entrepreneurship and Impact, Leadership, Business, Market, People, Process, and Product.

Receive Tailored Recommendations

Get tailored suggestions for your next steps – including training modules and reading materials – to enhance your product management capabilities.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies within your processes. The Quickscan highlights critical areas where enhancements can significantly increase your productivity and operational efficiency.

For Whom Is It?

The Professional Product Management™ (PPM™) QuickScan is designed for individuals who are actively engaged in product management and are seeking to assess and enhance their skills and competencies.

Whether you are new to product management or a seasoned professional, the PPM™ QuickScan offers valuable insights into your current skill levels and provides clear guidance on areas for improvement. It is ideal for you when you are committed to advancing your career in product management by identifying strengths and addressing gaps through targeted learning and development initiatives.

It is particularly beneficial for:

Product Owners
who need to refine their abilities in defining product vision and managing backlogs.

Product Managers looking to improve their strategic and operational capabilities across various product life cycles.

Product Leaders interested in honing their leadership skills and driving product teams toward success.

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