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Edo Poll

Edo is an IT architect with more than 20 years of experience as software systems designer, project manager, and software-, application(s)- and enterprise architect. Edo specializes in modernizing application architecture and reliability engineering.

Edo Poll

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He takes different perspectives on issues and inspires others to do the same. His hands-on attitude ensures that he doesn’t just spout good ideas but will execute them to successful completion.

Edo attends to all aspects of software development and balances customer needs, process and technology. To let people work together and share knowledge are fundamental to his way of working.

Edo has many years of experience acting as an intermediary between development (applications) and operations (infrastructure), pre-dating the DevOps methodology by many years. For Edo DevOps means bringing engineering to operations, and awareness of operational qualities to development. He helps teams to become truly autonomous, while functioning as part of a larger organization, by transforming both the organization and the IT architecture. His favorite method is to teach teams to design, develop and deliver true products to their (internal) customer.

In his spare time, Edo has a passion for buildings architecture, robots and board games. He uses his experiences in those activities to show how much fun IT can be, seeking the analogies between IT and other areas like building, engineering and the process manufacturing. Or by organizing robot workshops for students, his colleagues’ children, or his customer. Edo has used his board game experience to design serious IT games in order to gamify the training experience.

When Edo acts as a trainer, he is also a consultant with a vast knowledge of many aspects of IT.

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