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All the training you need in ASP.NET, Azure, GitHub, and other Microsoft Solutions. Find out how you can learn the latest Microsoft skills now. Or, explore how to upskill your entire team or organization.

We Are Xebia Academy

Established in 2001, Xebia emerged as a pioneering force in the Netherlands by embracing Agile methodologies, aligning with thought leaders like Jeff Sutherland. Since its inception, our organization has flourished, boasting a global presence with over 5,500 professionals across 24 offices spanning four continents.

In 2018, Xebia Microsoft Services Belgium (then Xpirit Belgium) was inaugurated, marking our expansion into new territories. With a dedicated team of experts, we specialize in delivering Microsoft-centric solutions and services. As of 2024, the inception of Xebia Academy Belgium signals a new chapter, offering dynamic workshops and training sessions facilitated by seasoned consultants and domain experts. This approach ensures our programs are deeply immersive, leveraging real-world insights over theoretical concepts.

Whether you seek to enhance individual growth, equip your team with cutting-edge skills, or elevate the proficiency of your entire workforce, we stand ready to bridge your competency gap, providing an unparalleled learning journey.

Our Training Portfolio


Building Full Stack Web Apps with Blazor

Using Blazor, it’s possible to build interactive UIs for the web, without having to write JavaScript. And since .NET 8, Blazor can now also run on the server, making Blazor a one-stop-shop for building modern web apps.


Creating ASP.NET Core 8 APIs

In this training course, you will learn how to create APIs based on ASP.NET Core 8. Discover how to build robust APIs, including patterns and best practices such as clean architecture, to build reliable and testable APIs.


Building Web Applications with ASP.NET Core 8

Get a good understanding of the ASP.NET Core framework, including ASP.NET Core MVC, Razor Pages, Blazor, and APIs. This course uses .NET 8 and is fully updated to the newest underlying frameworks.


Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 8

Learn about Clean Architecture, a way to build robust, testable, and maintainable apps, applied to ASP.NET Core 8. You’ll be introduced to tools, frameworks, and best practices. Finally, use an API from a Blazor front end.


AI for .NET Developers

Unlock the potential of AI within the .NET ecosystem and Azure. Learn about AI concepts, practical experience with Azure Cognitive Services, OpenAI, and techniques for integrating AI capabilities into .NET applications.


Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

Delve into the fundamentals of Azure cloud computing, understanding its models and cost considerations. Gain insights into different cloud service types, like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Software as a Service (SaaS).


Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204)

Understand how you can leverage Azure App Service effectively for hosting web applications. Discover Azure App Service, from understanding its capabilities to configuring web app settings and deploying scalable applications with ease.


GitHub Foundations

Dip your toes into every area of functionality Git and GitHub have to offer. Get an in-depth overview of all the different features GitHub offers to collaborate on code and the processes around that code. You won’t get lost in GitHub ever again. And that’s a promise.


GitHub Actions

With GitHub Actions, you can create workflows to automate the building, testing, and deployment of your code. From Continuous Integration and running your tests automatically to releasing your code to test and production environments.

Why Should I Come To Xebia Academy?

Experts From the Field

Our workshops are delivered by expert consultants who actively do what they teach, ensuring relevant and real-life best practices.

Personal Attention For Success

Small groups guarantee you will get personal attention from the trainers. All the attention you need to succeed.

Inspirational Environment

Our inspiring location in the center of Antwerp makes learning easier. No dull locations, but a fun and dynamic learning environment.

Authorized training partner

Training Formats and Solutions

Xebia Academy Belgium specializes in delivering targeted training and workshops centered around Microsoft solutions. Whether you prefer on-site sessions conducted at your company’s premises or ours, or you seek to enroll in scheduled courses, we cater to your diverse training requirements.

If your objective is to enhance your team’s capabilities, Xebia Academy offers customized solutions, blending pre-designed workshops with tailored content to suit your team’s specific needs.

Classroom Training

In-class, instructor-led training combines dynamic lectures with hands-on assignments. We make learning fun with games and interactive learning modules.

Virtual Training

Online, instructor-led training uses a combination of different tools and scenes to provide the optimal, interactive experience for online learning.

On-Demand Training

Xebia Academy is an official reseller of on-demand training from leading tech learning platforms, such as A Cloud Guru, Pluralsight, and Qwiklabs.

Our Trainers

Gill Cleeren

Meet Gill Cleeren, Microsoft trainer at Xebia Academy. View Gill’s full profile and training courses on Xebia Academy.

Koen Luyten

Meet Koen Luyten, trainer at Xebia Academy. View Koen’s full profile and training courses on Xebia Academy.

Kristof van Hees

Meet Kristof van Hees, trainer at Xebia Academy. View Kristof’s full profile and training courses on Xebia Academy.

Sujith Quintelier

Meet Sujith Quintelier, trainer at Xebia Academy. View Sujith’s full profile and training courses on Xebia Academy.

Pieter Nijs

Meet Pieter Nijs, trainer at Xebia Academy. View Pieter’s full profile and training courses on Xebia Academy.

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