Kristof van Hees

Kristof thrives on teamwork and relationship-building, aiming to be a trusted advisor with a clear, analytic approach and strong communication skills. He has extensive experience in business and IT, focusing on Microsoft technology, and excels in modernizing software and development processes. Committed to coaching, he guides individuals to unlock their potential, fostering professional growth. He prioritizes a people-first approach to enhance team and business improvement, ensuring maintainable, high-quality outcomes.

With over 20 years of experience in creating successful software applications, Kristof has evolved from a developer to a software architect, often embracing multiple roles during projects to ensure success. These roles include technical and functional analysis, team leadership, and coaching. He thrives on collaboration and relationship-building, striving to be a trusted advisor for stakeholders.

Kristof possesses a clear, analytic mindset and is known for his engaging professionalism coupled with exemplary communication and presentation skills. His extensive experience spans business and IT, with a focus on companies that heavily utilize Microsoft technology. Kristof is passionate about aiding companies in modernizing their software and development processes, from strategic planning to execution. He champions a people-first approach, which facilitates team growth and accelerates business improvement, enhancing product offerings and achieving maintainable, quality-driven results.

Outside of his professional life, Kristof is dedicated to his family, enjoying walking, cycling, and climbing. He is also an active volunteer in his community, contributing to various charitable activities.

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Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) (BE)

Master the basics of Microsoft Azure with the AZ-900 Fundamentals course. Ideal for IT professionals seeking to understand cloud concepts, services, and infrastructure, this course lays the groundwork for a career in cloud computing and prepares you for the AZ-900 certification.

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