Sujith Quintelier

Sujith is an accomplished Azure Architect boasting a robust background in development. Since 2000, he has been actively engaged in the field, primarily utilizing Microsoft Technologies such as Azure, .NET, Terraform, GitHub, NoSQL, and more.

Sujith is an Azure Addict, a GitHub Enthusiast, and a true DevOps Fan who thrives on exploring the cutting edge of new technologies. My passion for the ever-evolving tech landscape drives my continuous quest for knowledge. I am dedicated to mastering innovative tools and techniques to enhance efficiency and creativity in the digital realm.

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Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) (BE)

Master the basics of Microsoft Azure with the AZ-900 Fundamentals course. Ideal for IT professionals seeking to understand cloud concepts, services, and infrastructure, this course lays the groundwork for a career in cloud computing and prepares you for the AZ-900 certification.

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Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204) (BE)

Discover the power of Microsoft Azure with our AZ-204 course. Build, deploy, and manage scalable cloud solutions efficiently. Gain hands-on experience in cloud-native app development, CI/CD, security, compliance, and performance optimization. Unlock your potential in today’s dynamic cloud technology landscape.

CI/CD implementation
Microsoft Azure
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