Pieter Nijs

Pieter is a .NET Consultant with over a decade of expertise in mobile and cloud development, utilizing technologies like .NET, Azure, and .NET MAUI. He is currently exploring AI’s potential in tech solutions and studying for a postgraduate degree as an “AI Technical Architect” at PXL Next. He’s honored with the Microsoft MVP Award since 2017.

Pieter is a seasoned .NET consultant with a rich background in leveraging Microsoft technologies for mobile and cloud applications, including .NET, Azure, and .NET MAUI. He excels in transforming complex problems into innovative, user-friendly solutions across diverse sectors like healthcare, telecom, and media. His first book, ‘The MVVM Pattern in .NET MAUI’ (published by Packt Publishing), was recently released and has been very well received by the tech community.

Currently, Pieter is delving into the possibilities of artificial intelligence to enhance project outcomes. He is pursuing a postgraduate qualification as an “AI Technical Architect” at PXL Next, which reflects his dedication to understand this field.
As a Microsoft MVP since 2017, Pieter is celebrated for his industry contributions and commitment to sharing knowledge. He is an active speaker at tech conferences, a trainer, and blogger. His work spans the latest technological trends and practical insights, enriching the tech community.

In both his professional and personal life, Pieter is driven by a passion for exploring and adopting cutting-edge technologies. His efforts not only advance his own skills but also bring significant benefits to his clients and the wider technology landscape.

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