Building Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core 8


ASP.NET  Core 8 is Microsoft’s premier platform to build web applications. In this course, you’ll get a good understanding of ASP.NET  Core, ASP.NET  Core MVC, Blazor and Web API. This course uses .NET 8 and is fully updated for the new version of the underlying frameworks.

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What will you learn?

You want to build web apps using ASP.NET Core, Microsoft’s premier web development platform?

This course will teach you all you need to know on the ASP.NET Core framework, including ASP.NET Core MVC, Razor Pages, Blazor and APIs. After this course, you will feel confident to build your own applications based on this framework.

Key takeaways

  1. Learn how to build web applications based on ASP.NET Core
  2. Build a real-world application throughout the course
  3. Learn about best practices and patterns you should apply in your own development


This course will give students a solid understanding of the ASP.NET  Core 8 platform including ASP.NET  Core MVC, ASP.NET  Core APIs and ASP.NET  Core Blazor. It requires that students are familiar with C# and have at least basic web development skills. This course can act both as an introduction to students new to ASP.NET  Core who want to get started with the newest version of the framework as well as an overview for seasoned ASP.NET  developers willing to learn what’s new in this version of the framework. This course is also ideal for teams who are currently using older technologies such as ASP.NET  WebForms or other web development technologies, not on the Microsoft stack.

After taking this course, developers will have a good understanding of the different options to build web applications on the .NET 8 stack. You will walk away with a good understanding of the different options, covering the full stack, to create apps using ASP.NET  Core.

This first module will give you an overview of the .NET 8 platform and its components. You will understand the rational behind the .NET 8 philosophy and its cross-platform capabilities. We will also explore the different options that we have to create ASP.NET  Core apps including Visual Studio 2022 and VS Code on Mac and Linux. Features such as Hot Reload will be explored here too and you’ll end this module with a well configured environment to get started on building your first ASP.NET  Core app.


  • .NET 8 and ASP.NET  Core 8
  • Sharing code in .NET 8
  • Setting up your environment using VS or VS Code (with C# Dev Kit)
  • Working with Visual Studio 2022 and ASP.NET  Core

Finding your way around ASP NET Core
In this module, we will together create the File > new project and see what is getting generated. You’ll learn about the new files, workflow and configuration options that come with ASP.NET  Core. You will also learn about the dependency injection system and the middleware request pipeline and how these can be configured from the Program.cs class. Along the way, you will learn about static files middleware and how this helps in terms of performance for your application, basic routing and other middleware. You’ll also learn about the different environments that are supported with ASP.NET  Core. We will also touch on loading application settings as a means to configure your application.


  • Exploring a new ASP.NET  Core project
  • The Program.cs class
  • Working with dependency injection
  • Using middleware
  • Creating an app from scratch and adding DI and middleware

Creating our first page
In this module, we’ll be building our first ASP.NET  Core pages. We’ll start with basic configuration and add a first view, model and a controller. You’ll see how routing works as well as how we can allow users to authenticate with the site. After this module, you’ll already have a good understanding of how an ASP.NET  Core MVC app is built and you’ll be able to identify its major building blocks such as controllers, routing and views.


  • Understanding MVC concepts
  • Using the Model with mock data
  • Creating a controller
  • Adding views
  • Using Layouts and view models
  • Adding client-side packages

An introduction to EF Core
ASP.NET Core comes backed with support of a new version of Entity Framework Core 8. This new version of the framework has been redesigned from scratch to target .NET 8. In this module, we are exploring the new framework. We’ll see how it focuses entirely on code-first approaches and we will change our first pages now to use database interactions. You’ll learn about concepts such as the data context and you’ll start using LINQ to interact with the database.


  • Understand EF Core as an ORM
  • Using the Database Context and unit of work
  • Apply LINQ statements to work with the database
  • Migrations and data seeding

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Learn about ASP.NET Core

Create apps based on the popular framework of Microsoft

Build a real-world web apps

This course will guide you in the end-to-end building of a real world application

Get the full picture

ASP.NET Core is a full-stack framework. You’ll see all the different frameworks that make up the entire stack

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Learn from author who created the popular Pluralsight course on ASP.NET Core

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No previous knowledge on ASP.NET Core required!

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