Koen Luyten

Koen is a seasoned consultant, working with Microsoft technologies for over 15 years.
At Xebia, he works as a solution architect, who is not afraid to get back in the .NET coding trenches.

His current focus is on cloud-native development in Azure and distributed systems design.

During his consultancy career, Koen has had to opportunity to work with different Microsoft technologies, including Azure, .NET development, BI development, Power Platform and even some M365 integrations.

Having had the opportunity to apply this gained knowledge at customers in different sectors, he has learned to come up with feasible, yet pragmatic solutions for the problems the customers present him.

While giving training, he will reflect a lot on the practical, real-world application of the course content, so that his course attendees are able to apply the learnings the next day.

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Creating ASP.NET Core 8 APIs (BE)

In this comprehensive course, you’ll master the art of crafting APIs using ASP.NET Core 8. Dive deep into the practical aspects of building, deploying, and managing robust ASP.NET Core 8 APIs, equipping you with invaluable skills for real-world application development.

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