Management training: Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Foundation™

Stimulate positive behavior with a scientifically proven method.

As a manager, have you asked yourself whether your organization’s transformation programs have led to the desired outcome? Has your team changed fundamental behavior patterns, or did you maybe just introduce new processes and artifacts?

The truth is that many transformations do not achieve their goals, with "Behavior" being one of the most cited reasons. Questions come up in the boardroom such as: why haven't we been able to make people move the way we intended in the program? And how can we change that in a sustainable way?

Many initiatives and programs around Digital Transformation and the introduction of an Agile/ DevOps way of working are focusing on technology, e.g. automated software delivery pipelines and self-service Cloud platforms. In fact, advanced technology can lead to major improvements, but the truth is, that the full leverage of business value creation is tied to changes in people’s behavior. How the team members are aligned, how communication is organized, and how leadership is manifested, is not depending on technology shifts. It’s about how humans (inter)act.

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) is a scientifically proven method for optimizing organizational performance. It has been used successfully worldwide for over 45 years in different fields of business. By following a 7-step-protocol, OBM focuses on positively changing behavior in combination with organizational results, creating a lasting positive effect on organizational performance.

This training is perfect for

Managers and leaders who want to lift the performance of their teams to the next level and want to ignite positive change in the behavior of their team members, peers, and themselves. Practicing OBM within an organization works like a catalyst for measurable performance improvement. 

What will you learn during the OBM Foundation™ training?

You will learn how to drive organizational change by focusing on the benefits for your team members instead of abstract organizational ambitions. You know WHY you want the organization to change and you have laid out the roadmap. OBM will give you a clear framework to support you in the HOW, a scientifically proven 7-step protocol:

In this training course, we will discuss every step in detail, giving the theoretical concepts, practical examples, and checklists for the proper application within your organization.


During this three-day training, we will cover the following topics.

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • ABC Model
  • ABC Analysis
  • Antecedents

Day 2:

  • Consequences
  • Dealing with Undesired Behavior
  • Reinforcement

Day 3:

  • Protocol for Organizational Behavior Management
  • Wrap Up

Training dates

  • Starting in November 2022 includes the following training dates: November 10, 17, and 24, 2022;
  • Starting in Februari 2023 includes the following training dates: Februari 3, 10 and 17, 2023;
  • Starting in May 2023 includes the following training dates: May 9, 16 and 23, 2023.

OBM Certification

The OBM exam is not included in the price of this training.

After having completed the training, you can optionally do the exam for an extra price of €275,-. excl. VAT. You will receive a voucher for taking the certification exam and the voucher is valid for one year. We advise gaining some practical experience in the method before the certification. The accreditation of the exam will be done through APMG.

You will get access to the OBM app “Knowingo”, offering you exclusive additional content and coaching for your OBM journey.

OBM Foundation™ is a trademark of OBM Dynamics BV. All rights reserved.


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