Exam - Certified Data Science with Python Foundation

The purpose of the Data Science with Python Foundation exam and certification is to measure whether you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of Python, how to effectively use pandas for data analysis, and the most important topics and concept of Machine Learning. The exam also assesses if you can translate the theoretical knowledge in code.

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This certification is based on the Data Science with Python Foundation course first developed by GoDataDriven. The course provides guidance on the principles and practice of loading, analyzing, visualizing data with libraries such as pandas. It also teaches you how predictive models work and how to use Scikit-learn to train and fit models. The course is divided into four knowledge areas:

  1. Python and Jupyter basics
  2. Data Analysis with Pandas and Matplotlib
  3. Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  4. Practical Machine Learning with Scikit-learn

This certification is perfect for you if

You are a data scientist who want to get a grip on the most popular and essential data science tools. You require a working knowledge of the key principles of data science and are able to apply that on disparate data sets and business challenges.

You have followed the Data Science with Python Foundation course.

Things you have to know for the exam

  1. Effectively broadcast Numpy objects
  2. Visualize data with Matplotlib and Pandas
  3. Perform data wrangling and aggregations in Pandas
  4. Organize code using pandas and Scikit-learn pipelines
  5. Use and understand side-effect free transformations
  6. Understand the most popular machine learning models
  7. Use scikit-learn transformers and estimators in pipelines to effectively perform grid search

More information can be found in the Syllabus, which you can download at the top of this page.

The exam

The exam can be taken at a moment of your choice. If you get at least 50% of the 50 multiple choice questions right, you will pass the exam and receive your certificate. All exam specifications can be found here in the Exam Design. Prepare in advance with this Data Science with Python Foundation sample exam here. Please select “Data Science with Python Foundation (2020)” from the dropdown menu.

How to order?

Please click on “Get Access Now” to let us know how many exams you would like. Based on the number of exams we will send you a payment link after which you will receive access to the exam on the APMG Platform. The exam and certification will cost €254,- excl VAT.

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