Python for Data Analysis

14 December, 2023Virtual

2 days
Data and AI
Data Science

Python is the most popular programming language and tool for day-to-day data analysis tasks. This two-day training gives you all the knowledge you need to start using it to extract insights and solve problems.

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2 days


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What will you learn?

After the training, you will be able to:

Use Jupyter Notebooks to write and debug code in Python confidently.  

Extract insights from data through data manipulation with pandas. 

Apply best practices for data analysis with Python. 

Key takeaways

Programming Basics with Python 

  1. Learn about different data types, including integers, floats, strings, booleans, and lists 
  2. Use conditionals to only execute code under certain conditions 
  3. Write for loops to repeat a specific code segment multiple times 
  4. Create functions with parameters to easily reuse your code with different arguments 

Data Analysis with Pandas 

  1. Fetch descriptive summary statistics of your data with simple operations 
  2. Effectively select and filter parts of your data with loc 
  3. Retrieve advanced statistics with groupby aggregations 
  4. Create new columns with assign  

Write and Debug Code with Jupyter Notebooks 

  1. Create a Python project with Jupyter Notebooks 
  2. Document your project with markdown text to easily share with others 
  3. Use help to access documentation of Python functions and methods 
  4. Learn about Anaconda and how to install and import packages 


  • Introduction to Anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks. 
  • Learn and practice programming concepts: data types, functions, conditionals, and loops.

Who is it for?

This Python training is designed for data analysts who want to advance their careers in the Data & AI space. If you are familiar with other programming languages or already working with Excel and want to enhance your productivity by learning Python, this course is perfect.

Enjoy expert guidance and explore new concepts and best practices in data analysis. Join us and take the first step toward becoming a proficient Data Analyst with Python. 


This training is meant to boost your fundamental Python knowledge and skills, so you will learn anything you need to work with Python for your data analyses.

Why should I follow this training?

Learn how to perform data analysis with Python in a structured, fun way.

Get guidance through the most essential concepts using lots of interaction and exercises.

Perform your own data analyses with Python!  

What else should I know?

After registering for this training, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training, we will ask you about any dietary requirements and share literature if you need to prepare.

See you soon!

Course information

All literature and course materials are included in the price. 

After registering for this course, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. 

This course requires a laptop.

Meet the Trainers

Lucy Sheppard 

Meet Lucy Sheppard, trainer at Xebia Academy. Lucy is a data science trainer and teaches many Python courses as well as dbt Learn.

James Hayward

Meet James Hayward, a data science trainer at Xebia Academy. Get to know him here.

Lysanne van Beek

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