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Agile Champion Program

Make the most of your Agile ambition and join the Agile Champion Program (6 months). A practical program that teaches you how to lead change, inspire the team and maximize results.

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Do you have what it takes to become an Agile Champion?

Change comes with opportunities and challenges. An Agile Champion makes the best of both. Yes, your role can seem somewhat ambiguous. Simply put, you lead and inspire!

Who are you?

You are a huge advocate of Agile, but you are also critical and a master at giving constructive feedback. Your responsibility is to ensure that people remain enthusiastic throughout the transition, understand what they are doing and why they are doing it, and maximize outcomes. You will support from the sideline and jump in when needed.
The Agile Champion Program is a 6-month program - we meet one day a month.

 "Great training! Every Agile Coach should follow this program." - Agile Coach, XS4ALL.

The Agile Champion Program is perfect for

The Agile Champion Program is perfect for you if your company is in the process of adopting Agile, and you would love to drive this change. You can currently be a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach, Lead, or member of the Development Team. The only strong requirement for participation is that you are part of an Agile team or organization, as the assignments we will ask you to complete can only be done in an (early stage) Agile work environment.

What will you learn during the Agile Champion Program?

This practical program is aimed at learning together in an instructor-led way and gaining skills that you can put to use immediately to create more value for your team.

Your trainer is an expert from the field who will challenge you to look at Agile from many different angles by presenting you with cases and exercises. We will reflect on your approach and continuously improve how you deal with setbacks, team members, and management. During the program you will also carry out assignments in your own organization and present them to the group.

After six months, you will know how to inspire rather than instruct, to get the most out of teams by motivating them, and guide change bottom-up.


Day 1: Kick-Off, setting individual learning goals, getting to know each other and introduction to the Agile Organization (4 hours)
Day 2: Deep-dive into Coaching Agile Teams, roles and methods.
Day 3: Product Ownership: vision, direction, results, portfolio walling, and forecasting.
Day 4: Agile & Scaling: how do you make Agile work for a larger number of teams?
Day 5: Agile Transformations: how do you guide an organization towards Agility?
Day 6: Case: Apply your Agile knowledge and experience in a challenging case.
Day 7: Review of Agile Practitioner Exam Synopsis (optional)

The next Agile Champion Program will start in September 2021

Start September 2021: 20 September, 11 October, 1 November, 22 November, 13 December & 10 January '21

Agile Trainers

The Agile Champion Program is led by Agile consultants and certified trainers. They are gurus in the field of Agile working. Gurus with a lot of practical experience and in-depth knowledge they enjoy sharing with you.

Agile Certification

Although the program itself does not lead to certification, the Agile Champion Program is a valuable preparation for the Agile Consortium Agile Practitioner certificate. To obtain this certificate, select a date to take the exam at Agile Consortium. Please note, this exam is subject to a fee. If you don't pass the first time, you are entitled to one retry.

Agile Learning Journey

Eager to start your Agile journey with us? Xebia Academy offers various Agile Foundation level training courses, such as the Agile Awareness for Management or the Scrum Foundation training. If you are familiar with the Agile way of working, you can continue with many Professional or Expert level courses to match your ambitions like Agile Coaching, Leadership or Agile Scaling.

Discuss your Agile ambitions with us

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Yes, I want to become an Agile Champion

After registering for the program you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. One week before the first meeting we will ask you about your dietary requirements. If preparation is desired, you will also receive the literature via email. See you then!

What else do I need to know?

  • Literature and a nice lunch are included in the price of the program.
  • Travel & accommodation is not included.
  • The Agile Champion Program is in Dutch.
  • The first meeting is half a day, all others are a complete day.
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