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Chris is an experienced, passionate, and talented software engineer with a strong drive to help other engineers grow.

He has been a manager, tech lead, technical lead manager, advisor, mentor, researcher, and staff software engineer with companies such as IBM, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Google, Uber, Plato, Sourcegraph, and JP Morgan. This experience allows Chris to quickly understand other engineers’ situations and make meaningful suggestions to help them grow to the next level.

Mentoring, guidance, and coaching on hard and soft skills are skills that allow engineers to grow to the next level. Achieving maximum happiness and energy within a team requires deep insights into how the entire software development process is organized, the role the team plays in this, and how all this impacts individuals.

Chris Laffra - Trainer at Xebia Academy

Through decades of personal experience, Chris has analyzed and summarized this entire field in numerous blogspresentations, and books. The summit of Chris’s work is his Communication for Engineers book and the accompanying interactive C4E course.

Every engineer, even the most successful one, hits a bump in their career at some point. Usually, this happens when they reach a certain level and wonder if this is all there is. In other cases, it may be an existential question about whether to continue as an individual contributor or as a manager.

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Books by Chris

Communication | Software tech

Communication for Engineers

The book C4E was authored by Chris Laffra, a software professional targeting fellow engineers in the field. It offers insights into a range of communication skills essential for those in software development.

While some skills, like self-awareness, apply broadly, others, such as the art of writing clean code, are tailored specifically for engineers. The result is a comprehensive coverage of communication as it concerns software engineers with many practical and relevant tips to follow.

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Communication for Engineers

This Communication for Engineers training provides a systematic approach to improving your communication skills.

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