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David has a background in mathematical psychology, where he used statistics and data science to study human behavior. He also has a passion for software development and multiple years of experience teaching about technical topics.

At Xebia Data he combines his background in teaching and technical skills to develop and deliver trainings that focus on helping you use good software engineering practices to build robust and maintainable data products.

Upcoming courses

SAFe Executive workshop

Align leadership and vision for transformative results. In this executive workshop, delve into the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to harness Agile at an executive level, ensuring strategy realization across the enterprise landscape. To enable the successful transformation into a SAFe organization.

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GenAI-Powered Scrum Master Training

Discover the next level of Scrum Mastery in our innovative two-day training that combines the proven knowledge of our Xebia Certified ScrumMaster training with the cutting-edge capabilities made possible with Generative AI.

Generative AI
Scrum Master
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Introduction to Generative AI

Get a non-technical introduction to the field of Generative AI and learn best practices when using Generative AI tools.

Generative AI
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Data Quality and Observability

Navigate the landscape of data quality and observability. You will not only learn about the tools, technologies and solutions in the data quality and observability space, but also understand how to identify the data quality problems specific to your organisation to match the right solution to your organisation’s need.

analytics engineering
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Xebia Team Kanban Training

Get your work under control by mastering Kanban with the Xebia Team Kanban Training. Learn actionable strategies to help you prioritize tasks, improve efficiency, and increase team morale by taking control of unforeseen, unorganized, and ad-hoc work.

Agile Leadership
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