Analytics Engineer Learning Journey

Build analytics use cases at scale in your organization

Do you want to learn about the latest tools from the Modern Data Stack to help you build analytics uses at scale? Tools like Fivetran, dbt, or Power BI will completely change the way you do analytics at your company.

Analytics Engineer Training Guide

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Learning Journey for Analytics Engineering

This journey provides a solid foundation for your start or progress as an Analytics Engineer.

For whom is the Analytics Engineering learning journey applicable?

Data Analysts who want to get closer to the engineering side of analytics.

Data Engineers who want to get closer to the business value of data.

What to Do After This
Learning Journey?

Whatever your background, our Analytics Engineering learning journey will equip you with the knowledge needed for the role of an Analytics Engineer. After this learning journey, the continued learning path varies depending on your experience and aspired direction.

Data Scientist Learning Journey

Deepen Your Data Science Skills?

Want to start using Python to make more informed and data-driven decisions? The Data Analysis with Python course makes for an excellent entry point to embark on the Data Scientist Learning Journey.

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Product Manager Learning Journey

Deepen Your Product Manager Skills?

If your experience is in data analytics, you will benefit from further developing your product manager skills. Xebia Academy offers an excellent variety of certified product owner courses.

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Grow your personal skills?

Explore all our Data and AI training courses to expand your skills set.

Looking for custom solutions for your organization or team?

We’ll gladly help you explore the enterprise options.

Download the Analytics Engineer Training Guide

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