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Free Video Training: The power of Kubernetes on Azure using AKS: an introduction

This video is interesting for IT managers, CTO's, tech leads, and others with a technical background, who are interested in the applications of Kubernetes.

Why watch this video training?

You know what Docker containers are, but how to run Docker containers in production? How to ensure zero downtime deployment? How to instantly scale in case of peak loads? Kubernetes is the number one orchestrator to host Docker containers and is offered by all major public clouds. Pascal will introduce you to Kubernetes on Azure and will show you how to get your Docker containers under control. Join this session if you are starting the Kubernetes journey and need to know why there is such a vibe around Kubernetes.

Key takeaways

  • Learn why you would use Kubernetes
  • Learn why you would use a managed Kubernetes environment on Azure
  • Learn what Kubernetes has to offer regarding:
    * High Availability
    * Self-healing
    * Zero downtime deployment
    * Scaling
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