PPM Self-Assessment

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Product Management Team

Discover and address your team’s skill gaps with our Professional Product Management (PPM) Self-Assessment. Built on decades of leadership expertise, this tool is key to driving development and retention in your organization.

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What is the PPM Self-Assessment?

The PPM Self-Assessment is an integral part of our Professional Product Management Upskill Program, which incorporates our widely recognized PPM Competency Framework.

This framework includes eight critical skill areas tailored to meet specific organizational needs, offering a comprehensive roadmap for hiring, development, and retention of top product professionals.

PPM Competency Framework

This colorful wheel shows all the different skills you need to be great at product management. It’s like a map that highlights the critical areas you need to know and develop.

  • Leadership: At the heart of impactful product management, cultivating leadership skills empowers you to guide and develop others, fostering a culture of success and togetherness within your team.
  • Communication: Effective communication serves as the bedrock for aligning stakeholders, articulating vision, and ensuring that feedback flows constructively.
  • Entrepreneurship: Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset to seek out opportunities, drive strategic business growth, and innovate with agility.
  • Business: Navigate the complex business landscape with skills that help you understand markets, make data-driven decisions, and manage the financials with acumen.
  • People: Manage relationships with empathy and insight, collaborating across teams and solving problems creatively to build products that resonate with users.
  • Process: Refine your processes through experimentation and validation, leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve and deliver exceptional user experiences.
  • Product: At the foundation, robust product knowledge enables you to create strategies, design compelling user experiences, and manage the lifecycle with precision.
  • Market: This slice of the wheel is all about understanding your customers and competitors. It’s knowing what’s out there, what’s trending, and what gaps you can fill. It’s crucial for creating products that people actually want and need.

A Skill Gaps Report for Leaders

Our online self-assessment tool is easy to access, allowing participants to evaluate their skills and knowledge across 80 carefully curated questions, reflecting the eight crucial areas of our PPM framework. Upon completion, each participant receives a personalized report with detailed feedback, recommended readings, and potential training modules to enhance their skills further.

Besides the self-assessment report with scores and recommendations for individuals, a team report is provided. The team report visualizes the overall scores for the product (management) team. The team report helps leaders to identify knowledge and skill gaps in their team(s).

Why the PPM Self-Assessment?

Comprehensive Analysis:

Understand your team’s competencies and pinpoint precise areas for improvement with our detailed skill gap analysis.

Tailored Recommendations:

Each assessment report offers specific next steps, helping individuals and teams focus on meaningful development.

Measure and Track Progress:

Ideal for initiating and concluding our Product Management Upskill Program, this tool helps you visualize and measure the professional growth of your team before and after the program.

Try the free PPM QuickScan

Interested in experiencing the benefits of our PPM framework without any initial investment? Start with our PPM Quickscan—a free version of our assessment tool that provides a snapshot of your team’s capabilities.

Meet the trainers

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Robbin Schuurman is a trainer (PST), Professional Product Management creator and product leader at Xebia Academy.

Willem Vermaak

Meet Willem Vermaak, a trainer and author at Xebia Academy. Willem is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and teaches you all about Product Management.

Download the PPM Self-Assessment Onepager

Download our onepager for a concise summary of the PPM™ Self-Assessment’s key features and benefits. Perfect for quick insights and easy sharing with your team.

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