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Strategic Domain-Driven Design (DDD): Design Loosely Coupled Architecture

Want to create a loosely coupled architecture based on the underlying business concerns? Still worried when Domain-Driven Design gives you the best value? Keen on learning how to design teams and software to reduce the number of teams that work for a specific feature? Need to know how to design services that are functional cohesive? Then this workshop is just the thing you need.

This two-day training will let you deep dive into modern strategic Domain-Driven Design first hand, so you can start working with the strategic DDD patterns in your own context. We will start with a big picture EventStorming and will context map the basic DDD strategic patterns. We will see how the Cynefin framework can help you decide how to approach and model each subdomain. Using Impact mapping we will see how it helps us to align teams and make better roadmap decisions. You will leave with enough hands-on experience to start designing sociotechnical systems yourself!

Is Strategic Domain-Driven Design (DDD): Design Loosely Coupled Architecture t​raining right for me?

  • Yes- if you are a Software Developer with several years of programming experience
  • Yes- if you are a Software Architect with several years of programming experience
  • Yes – if you are a Business Analyst
  • Yes – if you are a Product Owner

What will I achieve by completing this training?

You will learn:

  • How does DDD fit into our current software culture
  • What sociotechnical systems are
  • Intro into the Cynefin framework
  • Domain-Driven Design strategic design patterns

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Big Picture EventStorming
  • Visualizing and distilling domains
  • Context mapping for strategic design
  • How to use impact mapping

You will develop the skills to:

  • Create a modern loosely coupled architecture linked with the business
  • Creating a shared language between IT and Business
  • Designing functional cohesive services within bounded context
  • Visualizing and finding bounded contexts with DDD strategic design patterns to help teams at scale with their designs
  • Use DDD to deliberate discover

What else should I know?


  • It is recommend to read Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans (the blue book), it is not required
  • It is recommended that you have Domain-driven design experience
  • Able to properly remove a sticky note
  • Read the free ebook The Anatomy Of Domain-Driven Design:


  • We won’t do any coding so a laptop is not needed
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