Google Cloud training: Application Development with Google Cloud Run

This course introduces you to fundamentals, practices, capabilities and tools applicable to modern cloud-native application development using Google Cloud Run. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and supplemental materials, you will learn how to design, implement, deploy, secure, manage, and scale new (greenfield) and existing (brownfield) applications on Google Cloud using Cloud Run.

This training is perfect for

Cloud Developers, API Developers, Cloud engineers;


Before entering this course you could prepare with entering the 2 other trainings in the learning path, starting with GCP Fundamentals Core Infrastructure followed by Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform. Besides that, the following prerequisites are adviced:

  • Familiarity with Linux commands and command line interface.
  • Basic understanding of Google Cloud.
  • Basic understanding of networking.
  • Basic understanding of one or more programming languages like Go, Python, Java, Ruby, or Node.js.
  • Basic understanding of shell scripts, YAML, JSON, HTTP, and TLS. 

What will you learn during the Application Development with Google Cloud Run training?

  • Gain detailed understanding of Cloud Run, Google Cloud’s fully managed compute platform for deploying and scaling containerized applications quickly and securely.
  • Write and migrate code your way using your favorite languages (Go, Python, Java, Ruby, Node.js, and more).
  • Secure service to service communication based on service identities and grant applications only the permissions they need.
  • Learn how to build highly available applications with low end-user latency, globally.
  • Learn how to connect to, and persist data in the managed database offerings on Google Cloud.
  • Understand how abstracting away all infrastructure management creates a simple developer experience.


Module 1: Introducing Application Development with Cloud Run
Module 2: Understanding Cloud Run
Module 3: Building Container Images
Module 4: Building Container Images
Module 5: Configuring Service Identity and Authorization
Module 6: Serving Requests
Module 7: Using Inbound and Outbound Access Control
Module 8: Persisting Data
Module 9: Implementing Service-to-Service Communication
Module 10: Orchestrating and Automating Serverless Workflows


After this course the Getting started with Google Kubernetes Engine is the next course within the learning journey. If you completed this, you could study for the Professional Cloud Developer Exam.

Learning Journey

The Learning Journey of a Google Cloud Developer starts with learning the basics on the job or during our GCP Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure training. The next step is the Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform or this Developing Applications on Google Cloud Run training on professional level. Want to become an expert? Follow the course Getting started with Google Kubernetes Engine to get ready for your final step: taking the Professional Cloud Developer Exam.


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