Exam - Certified Analytics Translation

The purpose of the Analytics Translation exam and certification is to measure whether you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the life cycle of data science product from a business perspective.

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This certification is based on the Certified Analytics Translation training course first developed by GoDataDriven. The course provides guidance on the principles and practice of bringing data products from the ideation phase to production and is divided into six separate knowledge areas:

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. The Value Chain of Data Science
  3. The AI Solution Framework
  4. The Ideation Phase
  5. Experimentation Phase
  6. Industrialization Phase

This certification is perfect for you if

You are someone who works or will work closely with teams developing data science products. You require a working knowledge of the key principles of data science and need to know the terminology used and some of the theory behind the practice.

You have followed the Certified Analytics Translation course.

Things you have to know for the exam:

  1. Select the right machine learning algorithm for your business challenge
    1.1.    Understand the three different machine learning applications: clustering, regression, classification
    1.2.    For each application, have an overview of the existing machine learning algorithms
  2. Understand that each business challenge need its own accuracy metric
  3. Have hands-on experience with applying a machine learning algorithm to an example business problem
  4. Be able to identify key-stakeholder and end-users for your use cases
  5. By estimating impact and feasibility be able to prioritize use cases
  6. Have the tools and knowledge to fill a one-pager to onboard new data science use cases, including translating business requirements in data science ideas
  7. Have clear what the various stages between ideation and production are and are empowered to ensure the successful implementation of products.

More information can be found in the Syllabus, which you can download at the top of this page.

The exam

The exam can be taken at a moment of your choice. If you get at least 55% of the 60 multiple choice questions right, you will pass the exam and receive your certificate. All exam specifications can be found here in the Exam Design. Prepare in advance with this Analytics Translation sample exam here. Please select “Analytics Translation (2020)” from the dropdown menu.

How to order?

Please click on “Get Access Now” to let us know how many exams you would like. Based on the number of exams we will send you a payment link after which you will receive access to the exam on the APMG Platform. The exam and certification will cost €234,- excl VAT.

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