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Collaborative Modelling Deep Dive

Learn how to ensure flow while visual and collaborative modelling your architecture. Want to know whom to invite? How to make sure everything has been said what has to be said? How can we create and include all insights? Who decides on the architecture? Join this 1-day advanced masterclass workshop! 

Agile architecture with visual and collaborative modelling 

Agile architecture is about visual and collaborative modelling and iteratively deciding on a design. By doing this iteratively, we can design a loosely coupled architecture that can handle changes to our business quickly. The most effective way to do this is with the power of visual and collaborative modelling. Having a diverse group of people who, together, will have a lot of wisdom and knowledge. 

Ensuring enriched sustainable decisions on architecture 

In reality, we don’t listen to all the available input and perspectives due to cognitive biases and ranking. Because not everything that needs to be said has been said, we will end up with sub-optimal design decisions and architecture. Visual and collaborative modelling will also take longer, were we keep cycling back and challenge past decisions made. It can also end up with a false consensus, conflicts and the need for powerplay and command and control. Join this session to learn skills on how to facilitate change by managing cognitive biases, ranking, polarities and conflicts in agile architecture. 

This Collaborative Modelling training is perfect for

This training is created for Enterprise and IT Architects with several years of experience. Agile coaches who want to learn more about visual and collaborative modelling are more than welcome to join too. 

What will you learn during this training? 


  • Why visual and collaborative modelling is important for agile architecture 
  • An introduction to socio-technical systems 
  • Awareness of your own rank and how it can affect the architecture 
  • Observing when knowledge is suppressed 
  • How cognitive bias can make or break knowledge crunching 
  • Using the basics of Deep Democracy in decision making 
  • Visual collaboration practices with EventStorming or Example Mapping 
  • Gain the potential and wisdom from the entire group 
  • Get consensus and buy-in on design decisions for designing your architecture 
  • Managing polarities with Polarity mapping 
  • Spot polarities that groups are facing with 

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After registration you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. If preparation is desired, you will also receive the literature by email at this time. See you!

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  • Travel and accommodation costs are not included.
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