DevOps training: Certified DevOps Professional - Enable & Scale

Learn how to transform your organization with DevOps. DevOps requires both in-depth knowledge and professional skills for roll-out to be a success. This 2-day course follows the DevOps Fundamentals, with a focus on learning how to build and lead a team, and continuously improve.

Become a DevOps Professional!

You have successfully completed the DevOps Fundamentals course and now it's time to put your knowledge into practice! This two-day training will help you go from knowing to actually doing. You will achieve level 3 proficiency in the DevOps skill areas: courage, teambuilding, DevOps leadership, and continuous improvement. The course is led by the same DASA master trainers who provide train-the-trainer sessions worldwide. 

"The interaction in the group and examples from real cases from several customers was very good and instructive." - Business Consultant

This DevOps Professional training is perfect for

The Certified DevOps Professionals training is perfect for anyone working in IT development, operations or service management. From CIO to Automation Architect, Product Owner and Project Manager. If your position involves DevOps and/or Continuous Delivery, you are especially welcome to join this course! The only requirement we have is you have passed the DevOps Fundamentals course and have your level 2 certificate.

What will you learn during the Certified DevOps Professional training?

We start by exploring why courage, teambuilding, leadership and continuous improvement are required in a DevOps environment. After that, we will take a closer look at types of behavior in a DevOps environment and how to create a DevOps team. We share how you can encourage feedback and improve transparency. You will learn what a 'safe to fail' environment means and why it is so important. At the end of the training you will be able to explain the importance of a DevOps culture and identify the aspects that can influence it. You will also learn how to structure problem-solving workshops, Story Mapping sessions, and retrospectives for continuous improvement.


  • DevOps culture : explore what the culture entails and it's key characteristics.
  • DevOps risks: how to signal dysfunctions and keep people happy and motivated.
  • DevOps tools: facilitate problem-solving sessions and analyze value streams.
  • DevOps environment: learn what a 'safe to fail' environment is.
  • Implement DevOps: how to build trust and create the best DevOps teams.

DevOps Trainers

Our trainers are DASA certified master trainers. They are gurus in their field. Gurus with an impressive amount of experience. This experience makes every DevOps training unique. Don’t worry, the learning objectives are always the same. After all, we do want you to pass your exam!

DevOps Professionals Certification

The exam and DASA certificate are included in the training. The exam can be taken directly after the training or at a moment of your choice (within 1 year of the training). If you get at least 60% of the multiple choice questions right, you will pass the exam and receive your level 3 certificate. For the ultimate preparation, check out the mock exam

DevOps Learning Journey

The Learning Journey of a DevOps professional starts with wanting to discover more efficient ways of working (together). We offer you the basics of DevOps in our 2-day Certified DevOps Fundamentals. This is a Foundation level training. After obtaining your certificate, you can continue with this Certified DevOps Professional – Enable and Scale training.

Yes, I want to become a DevOps Professional

After registering for this Certified DevOps training, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training we will ask you about any dietary requirements and share literature if there's a need to prepare. See you soon!

What else should I know?

  • The DASA exam and certification are included in the price of the training
  • Literature (like the DevOps Professional workbook) and a nice lunch are included too
  • Travel and accommodation is not included
  • We offer this training in English and Dutch


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