Certified Kubernetes Application Development

18 March, 2024Hilversum, The Netherlands

1 day
In Person

Become a Kubernetes pro and learn the ins and outs of deploying applications on a cluster with this comprehensive DevOps Foundation-level training. Dive deep into the world of Kubernetes with our seasoned instructors to enhance your DevOps skills and get ready to ace the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam and earn your Cloud Native Computer Foundation certificate. 

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1 day


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What will you learn?

This intensive one-day training is jam-packed with the tools and know-how to help you go from Kubernetes novice to expert. We blend theory and hands-on practice, guiding you through essential concepts to deploying a multi-tiered, highly available application on a Kubernetes cluster.

You’ll gain several practical skills such as containerization, application decoupling, monitoring, service discovery, rolling upgrades, data persistence, and best practices, getting you fully equipped to deploy your (cloud-native) apps on a cluster.   

Key takeaways

  1. Containerizing and deploying simple applications for Kubernetes. 
  2. Decoupling deployments using Kubernetes concepts. 
  3. Monitoring application health in Kubernetes.
  4. Identifying suitable service discovery methods. 
  5. Achieving rolling upgrades for Kubernetes apps. 
  6. Ensuring data persistence across container restarts. 
  7. Gaining best practice knowledge for Kubernetes. 
  8. CKAD certification ready.


  • Introduction to Kubernetes fundamentals. 
  • Kubernetes architecture and key components.
  • Containerization and (advanced) deployment strategies and techniques.
  • Service discovery and load balancing.
  • Application monitoring and health assessment.
  • Storage options and data management.
  • Rolling upgrades and version control.
  • Data persistence strategies in Kubernetes.
  • Best practices and proven strategies for running apps on Kubernetes.

Who is it for?

This training aims to support developers familiarizing themselves with Kubernetes and looking to conquer the complex challenge of (cloud-native) app creation and deployment. You’re ready to take on the challenge if you’re familiar with command-line tools, Linux environments, and programming languages like Golang, Node.JS, or Python. 


Basic knowledge of Kubernetes, command-line tools, and programming languages is beneficial. 

Why should I follow this training?

Gain DevOps skills

Gain in-demand DevOps skills and deploy apps like a pro.

Master Kubernetes

Master Kubernetes application deployment.

CKAD prep

Preparation help for CKAD certification Cloud Native Computer Foundation certificate and possibility for a retake.

Exam and Certification

The Kubernetes Application Developer exam (plus one retake) and Cloud Native Computer Foundation certificate are also included in the training. After passing the exam, you will receive your CKAD certificate, valid for 24 months, after which you will have to meet renewal requirements.  

Upon completion of the training and the subsequent certification exam, you’ll receive: 

  • The Kubernetes Application Developer certificate.

What else
should I know?

After registering for this training, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training, we will ask you about any dietary requirements and share literature if you need to prepare.

See you soon!

Course information

Our expert trainers are DevOps and Kubernetes gurus with hands-on experience in the field.  

CKAD exam includes problem-solving in a command line.

The certification is valid for 24 months, with renewal options.

Join Xebia Academy’s comprehensive learning journey options available to expand your knowledge further.

Meet the trainer

Bastiaan Bakker

Meet Bastiaan Bakker trainer at Xebia Academy. Bastiaan is a trainer and trains on behalf of Xebia the Phoenix Project Game – a DevOps Simulation Game. View Bastiaan’s full profile and training courses on Xebia Academy.

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