DevOps training: DevOps Fundamentals + DASA certificate

Create the foundation for better collaboration. This 2-day DevOps Fundamentals training teaches you how developers and operations can join efforts to improve software delivery. DASA exam and certificate included.

Get to know DevOps

Whether you are a Project Manager or you are involved in IT development, getting to know DevOps is great for many roles. DevOps improves the collaboration between developers and operations, ultimately improving software delivery. The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), co-founded by Xebia, is an open, global initiative to advance DevOps competences and professionalize the state-of-the-practice. This 2-day training gives you the skills, knowledge, and tools you need to become level 2 DASA certified.

"The best part of the training was that it provided me with a comprehensive overview of how currently successful businesses are able to innovate yet still deliver high quality services, giving them a competitive edge." - Director Software Engineering

This DevOps training is perfect for

The Certified DevOps Fundamentals training is perfect for anyone working in IT development, operations or service management. From CIO to Automation Architect, Product Owner and Project Manager. If your position involves DevOps and/or Continuous Delivery, you are especially welcome to join this course! Knowing the basics of Agile, Scrum, Lean and/or ITSM is a great plus, but not required.

What will you learn during the Certified DevOps Fundamentals training?

We start by mapping out the key concepts and principles of DevOps. We take a closer look at Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban, as they all contributed to the emergence of DevOps. We explore the business benefits of DevOps and give you hands-on experience with testing and automation within DevOps. Together we investigate Continuous Delivery and next-generation infrastructure (cloud native and container-based platforms) in a DevOps context. After two days you will be able to use DevOps tools and technologies, apply DevOps metrics, and use best practices for continuous improvement.


  • Introduction to DevOps: explore key concepts and principles and how DevOps relates to the Agile mindset.
  • DevOps for your business: list and explain benefits of DevOps and Continuous Delivery.
  • DevOps concepts: what is test automation, infrastructure automation and build and deployment automation?
  • DevOps tools: what are popular DevOps tools and why do we use them?
  • Implement DevOps: discover what is necessary for a DevOps implementation to be successful.

DevOps Trainers

Our trainers are DASA certified master trainers. They are gurus in their field. Gurus with an impressive amount of experience. This experience makes every DevOps training unique. Don’t worry, the learning objectives are always the same. After all, we do want you to pass your exam!

DevOps Fundamentals Certification

The exam and DASA certificate are included in the training. The exam can be taken directly after the training or at a moment of your choice (within 1 year of the training). If you get at least 65% of the 40 multiple choice questions right, you will pass the exam and receive your level 2 certificate. Prepare in advance with this DevOps Fundamentals mock exam here.

DevOps Learning Journey

The Learning Journey of a DevOps professional starts with discovering more efficient ways of working (together). In this 2-day Certified DevOps Fundamentals we offer you the basics of DevOps. This is a Foundation level training. After obtaining your certificate, you can continue with our Certified DevOps Professional – Enable and Scale training. This training aims to expand your knowledge and improving your skills to excel in any DevOps environment.

Yes, I want to know the fundamentals of DevOps

After registering for the Certified DevOps Fundamentals training, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training we will ask you about any dietary requirements and share literature if there's a need to prepare. See you soon!

What else should I know?

  • The DASA exam and certification are included in the price of the training
  • Literature (like the DevOps Fundamentals workbook) and a nice lunch are included too
  • Travel and accommodation is not included
  • We offer this training in English and Dutch

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