Get DASA certified in DevOps

Get DASA certified in DevOps

Get ready for DevOps with training by DASA, the DevOps Agile Skills Association.

About DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) supports the development of high-performance IT organizations and professionals. Founded in 2016 as an independent and open association, DASA offers thought leadership and practical guidance for the achievement of agile and DevOps competency.

To achieve its mission, DASA works to:

  • Promote a DevOps knowledge and skills framework based on a defined set of principles
  • Develop and evangelize a vendor-neutral DevOps qualification program for professionals
  • Promote knowledge and skill development by generating interest and awareness for its need
  • Advance DevOps training quality and open-source skill certification
  • Map member training content to a role-based competence baseline

Xebia and DASA 

Xebia is an active member and forerunner of DASA. Our agile and DevOps experience and expertise has been a driving force behind the DASA competence framework and qualification scheme. Xebia is the content provider and market leader in delivering DASA's DevOps Fundamentals and DevOps Professional training sessions in Western Europe. Would you like more information about DASA and how it can help you? Please check out the DASA brochure.

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