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Learn how to leverage tools from the Modern Data Stack and bring software engineering best practices to your analytics workflows. Build robust data pipeline and produce high-quality data that is trusted throughout your organization.  

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As an Analytics Engineer, you are responsible for creating high-quality data for reporting, machine learning modeling, and operational workflows. You use automation, version control, monitoring, and testing of your data pipelines to make sure your data is accessible, accurate, and actionable.  We offer courses and learning journeys for any level of experience. These cover the necessary tools, languages, and technologies such as SQL, data modeling, dbt, and data observability for you to up your game in Analytics Engineering.

Analytics Engineer Learning Journey

Analytics Engineer Learning Journey

Become an even better Analytics Engineer with our Analytics Engineering learning journey and training courses to boost your career path.

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Recommended Analytics Engineering Courses

SQL for Data Analysis

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Data Warehousing and
Data Modeling

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dbt Learn 

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dbt in Production

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Power BI in a Day 

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Data Quality and Observability

Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Looker

Developing Data Models with LookML

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