Test automation using Cypress training

Cypress: Testing the way it should be. In 1 day you will learn how to improve your automated tests using Cypress. Cypress allows you to write reliable tests fast and easy.

Become a Cypress Champ!

For anyone who wants to learn how to work with Cypress and properly use this new tool in your software development... this is the course you are looking for. If your tests are passing or failing without a clear cause, or you find UI testing is expensive and difficult to maintain, Cypress is the answer. Cypress allows you to write reliable tests fast and easy. In just one day you will learn how to properly use this tool and gain the knowledge and skills to apply what you have learnt directly on your own projects.

This Test Automation training is perfect for

Our Test Automation using Cypress course is perfect for Developers and/or Testers. Do you want to learn how to use Cypress, but also how to properly set it up, how Cypress fits in a good test strategy and what the best practices and pitfalls are? Then this hands-on training will meet your needs. You do not need any previous experience with Cypress, just basic (web) development and JavaScript knowledge is enough.

What will you learn during Test Automation using Cypress training?

During the training you will experience what sets Cypress apart from other web test tooling. After the training you will know how to setup and integrate Cypress into your own web projects. Learning how to work with Cypress will improve the quality of your software delivery.

Setup Cypress

You will learn:

  • The basics of the Cypress client and cli-runner
  • To setup and configure new Cypress projects from scratch

Using Cypress in your development

You will learn how to:

  • Write well-structured and maintainable Cypress web and integration tests
  • Use basic and advanced Cypress functionalities
  • Create assertions on elements and use reusable functions
  • Use mocking and stubbing
  • Debug your tests
  • Integrate your Cypress tests in a CI solution

Reporting and sharing results using Cypress

You will learn how to:

  • Report and monitor using the Dashboard functionality
  • Setup your tests to be used as a communication tool with your stakeholders
  • Deliver clear results to provide valuable feedback to your stakeholders

Test Automation Trainers

Our Test Automation trainers are experienced Test Engineers and Agile Test Automation consultants. They are gurus in their field, with extensive track records. They are driven by changing the way we test software and focus on getting feedback fast and overall improving the quality of software.

Yes, I want to become a Cypress Champ!

After registering for the training, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information. A week before the training we will ask you about any dietary requirements and share literature if there's a need to prepare. See you soon!

What else should I know?

  • Bring your laptop on which you have admin rights
  • You need a GitHub account
  • Read more about the partnership with Cypress here


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