Microsoft Cloud training: Certified Azure Foundation + AZ-900 certificate

To start working with Microsoft Azure right away, you have to know the ins and outs of the technology first. This 2-day fundamentals training will get you up and running in no time! You'll learn all about Azure itself, about Total Cost of Ownership and SLAs, but also about the many Azure cloud products and services. Includes the one-time taking the Microsoft AZ-900 exam!

Start working with Microsoft Azure!

Cloud technology is one of the most critical building blocks of today's IT. Many organizations have already made the strategic step to cloud working, usually with the help of Microsoft's cloud platform Azure. Do you want to know how to build a solid Azure cloud infrastructure and how to efficiently exploit with it? Together with our partner Xpirit, we offer Microsoft's Certified Azure Fundamentals training. This training is more than just a preparation for the Microsoft certificate; you gather practical knowledge and skills that will definitely boost your career! 

"As with any change in the IT industry, the key issue is: what skills do you need to stay relevant in your job? To build cloud solutions, you need to know how things work, but also how to use cloud technology wisely." Marcel de Vries, CTO Xpirit

This Azure Fundamentals training is perfect for

This training provides an "Azure Quickstart", an accelerating foundation for anyone who wants to get started with Microsoft Azure. Perfect for DevOps & AI Engineers, Developers, Database Administrators, Software & Solution Architects and Data Scientists who want to learn all about Azure's features and get hands-on practice. Experience with Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform is not required, but technical knowledge regarding PowerShell scripting, a (random) programming language or tools like Visual Studio Code will help you to get the most out of this training. 

What will you learn during the training?

With this comprehensive Azure training, consisting of 6 modules, you will not only prepare for the exam, but you will also learn how to work with Azure cloud infrastructure in the right way. We share our Azure experiences and best practices and show you how to accelerate cloud adoption within your organization and optimize your infrastructure. Last but not least, we will show you how to migrate to the cloud safely, compliantly and cost-efficiently.

The training dates

There is a training session on April 17 & 18 - 2023 from 9.00 till 17.00 hr CET.

Program modules

Module 1: Azure Core Concepts

We start with the basics of Azure: a comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts, the architecture components and all the features and possibilities.

After this module

  • You know all about the advantages of cloud computing in Azure and how you can leverage the (cost) benefits
  • You will be able to describe what the concepts of high availability, scalability, elasticity, agility, and disaster recovery entail
  • You have all the necessary knowledge of the core components of the Azure architecture (such as subscriptions, management groups and resources), and of the geographic distribution concepts

Module 2: Azure Core Services

Here we take a good look at Azure's core services, such as Azure Database, Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and Azure Networking.

After this module

  • You have an overview of the complete range of Azure computing services (VMs, Sizing, Scheduling) and can compare the various Azure database services (Cosmos DV, SQL, DB for MySQL etc.)
  • You are able to identify virtualization services (e.g. Azure Virtual Machines & Container instances, Azure Ku)
  • You know all about the core Azure concepts for networking (NIC, IP, Dynamic, Static, VNET, Subnet, Site 2 Site VPN NSG, Express Route) and storage services (Blob, table, file, redundancy, access, SAS-tokens, SMB mounts)

Module 3: Azure Core Solutions & Management Tools

This module covers AI machine learning, IoT, Azure DevOps, monitoring, management, and serverless computing fundamentals.

After this module

  • You know how to deploy the best Azure AI & IoT services, management and development tools for the specific needs of your organization
  • You can make decisions regarding the right cloud monitoring service(s) and the best serverless computing technology for your business scenario

Module 4: Azure Security

Now that the core concepts, services and tools are clear, it is time to take a look at Security: how do you protect your organization from threats in the Azure environment? How do you ensure secure network connectivity?

After this module

  • You can handle security tools like Azure Sentinel, Firewall and DDoS Protection
  • You know how to bolster your Security with Azure Security Center
  • You are able to configure network security groups

Module 5: Identity, Governance, Privacy & Compliance

After Security, the next topics on the agenda are identity management, various privacy services and Azure's compliance and data protection standards.

After this module

  • You know how to manage and secure access to your applications by using Azure identity services
  • You can formulate a cloud governance strategy for your Azure environment
  • You have extensive knowledge of privacy, compliance, and data security standards in the Azure cloud

Module 6: Azure Cost Management & SLA's

This might be the most important module, because now you will learn how to manage Azure costs and how to use SLAs and service lifecycles in order to select the right Azure services for your organization.

After this module

  • You will be able to plan, manage and minimize Azure costs yourself
  • You know how to optimally use Microsoft's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator and Pricing Calculator for your goals and purposes
  • You can handle SLAs and the factors that affect an SLA (such as selected service tiers)

Microsoft Azure Certification

After completing all modules, the AZ-900 exam should also be a walk in the park. If you pass, you will receive the corresponding Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certificate. Obtaining this certificate proves that you not only have a thorough understanding of cloud concepts, but also know everything about the most important Azure Services, Azure Pricing and Support, as well as the basics of Cloud Security, Privacy, Compliance and Trust. The AZ-900 exam and certificate are included in the price of the training.

Azure Learning Journey

Your Azure Learning Journey starts with the cloud platform basics, which you will master during this Foundation training. This course is the stepping-stone to become a Microsoft Azure (Apps & Infra/Data & AI) Associate. After that you can proceed to becoming an Expert!

Your Microsoft Azure Trainers 

This Microsoft Azure training is hosted by our training partner Xpirit. The trainers of Xpirit are skilled Consultants who love to share their experience with you. This group of ambitious Architects, Developers, Consultants, Trainers, and Coaches are specialized in DevOps, Cloud Architecture and Cloud Powered Intelligence. Xpirit won the Microsoft DevOps Partner of the Year Award in 2018 and is a Microsoft DevOps Elite Partner.

Yes, I want to start working with Azure!

Then this training is the perfect start. After registration you will receive a confirmation email with all practical information. We look forward to seeing your enrollment!

What else should I know?

  • Taking the AZ-900 exam (once) is included in the price of the training. If you pass, you will receive the Microsoft certificate (Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals).
  • Also included: a delicious lunch on both days and all study materials!
  • The training is given in English. If desired, we can give this course in Dutch, in the form of in-company training.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses are at own expense (not included).
  • No time for two full days of training? We can also offer your organization the in-company Azure Fundamentals training (AZ-900T01). This training will only take one day (as it leaves out the hands-on/best practices part), but it will also give you all the Azure basics you need for the AZ-900 exam!A delicious lunch and all study materials are also included!

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