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Our in-company training by the world's leading experts gives you everything you need to succeed. Also available as Virtual Classrooms or On-Demand video courses.

Scrum Startup for Teams Online Training

Laying the foundation for an agile transformation

Whether you need training for 10 people or 10.000, the Scrum Startup for Teams online course offers a scalable online Scrum education experience that teaches everything needed for a Scrum team member to hit the ground sprinting. The curriculum and content have been developed by Scrum Inc. in collaboration with the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland. Please contact us for further inquiries.

Data & A.I. Online Classes

Is your team at home and you want to grow their Data & AI skills?

Our training partner Xebia Data offers a wide range of In-Company courses online. Data Science with Python, Time Series, A/B Testing, Apache Airflow, and more. You can choose whatever suits your team: 1 day a week for a couple of weeks, every afternoon for a full week, or a single full day. You can find more info on the Xebia Data website.

Open schedule and in-company

Xebia Academy offers all training courses from our portfolio both in the open schedule and in-company.

The open schedule offers advantages if you like to learn with others who have similar needs but from a different environment; if you would like to meet new colleagues; if you just want to get out there to learn something new with focus.

In-company might be more interesting if you want to learn the same thing with several people from the same organization; you want to learn in the context of your own work; you want to reach the same level with your colleagues or make a change together. In addition, it may be financially more attractive for groups to arrange in-company training.

In addition to in-company training, we also assist organizations in training programs, both to enable continuous growth within an organization and when a major change needs to be supported. Xebia Academy can act as a complete training partner.If you want to know more about our in-company possibilities, please contact one of our training advisors.

Our wide array of training topics

Learning experience is central: it is your learning journey

Learning is a journey. A journey in which we act as a guide. A journey where your learning experience is central. Our goal is to get the most out of professionals at every step of their development. Our offer is arranged in such a way that you can put together your own journey, from the foundation to the expert level and from one field to another. You do not have to take this "learning journey" alone. We bring individuals, teams and organizations together to work together so that they can learn from and with each other. Everyone can choose his or her own route. If you want, our training advisors can help you with that. They know all routes with places of interest en route.

Our courses are organized at a number of levels. There are trainings at Foundation level that provide insight into a subject and lay the foundation for further growth. At the Professional level are the trainings that bring you as a professional to the right level to practice your profession. Often there is a certificate attached to it which makes it demonstrable. At the Expert level are the courses that provide more in-depth knowledge on a specific topic or take you to the next level in your field. You can plan your own journey within our portfolio. You can also follow a predefined development path to reach the desired level.

The training was educational and enjoyable. I was able to apply what I learned immediately in my work the next day.

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