GoDataDriven open source contribution: May 2018 edition

02 Jun, 2018
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Welcome to the Open Source at GoDataDriven, May 2018 edition.

May’s been Airflow month, probably because it was warm in Amsterdam!

Niels contributed PR 3435, Fokko contributed PR 3445, 3382, 3371, 3315, 3313,
3304 and 3303, and I contributed PR 3432 and 3323.

Fokko and I were also active with PyHive, a project by Dropbox to interact with Presto
and Hive. We contributed, respectively, PR 211 and 210.

Not this hive!

To close the list: Fokko did some work for Druid, as he got PR 5746 merged.

Of course, last but not least, GoDataDriven sponsored and hosted
PyData Amsterdam 2018! A lot of work has gone into PyData, and Vincent, Janelle, and I helped make it the success it has been! Sometime is not open source, but
it’s a conference about open source!

That’s it for this edition! If you are a software engineer
that would like to move in the data space, we have a new program, the
Data Engineering Training Program.

From now until October we are hiring five software engineers, offering each of them a specialised
training program. After finishing the program you’ll start working as a data engineer for us. Of
course you get a permanent position from the start of the program.

For more madness, follow me on Twitter: I’m gglanzani there!


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